Face-to-Facebook ~

              I joined the ever-growing Facebook community January 2, 2009.  It can sometimes be a distraction, a pain-in-the-butt, especially when they keep “changing” things like their format.  No one wants to spend the next six weeks getting used to where things are now as opposed to where you left them and liked them there, as witnessed by the hundreds of complaints on my newsfeed each time a change is made.  They think they are improving things, but … well, to each his own.  You either love it or you don’t.  I’m used to the current changes, and pretty much like it once again, so it’s about time for another Face(book)-lift, isn’t it?

     All kidding aside, Facebook generally has been a blessing for me.  It has been the ultimate networking social media venue.  I have reconnected with so many people through word-of-Facebook that I can’t even tell you!  I’ve found school mates, childhood friends, favorite tv shows or pages that share my same interests.  But most importantly, I’ve connected with a myriad of family members from all over the country, and indeed, the world.  Facebook was the basis for me being able to host our 2010 family reunion, and having so many long-distance and long-lost relatives joyfully attend.  It literally would not have been possible to pull it all together without Mr. Zuckerberg’s genius.

     There have been a few downsides to Facebook.  There’s always the good with the bad, isn’t there?  I’ve sent Friend Requests to people who I knew would be a risky reconnect, and have not heard back ~ that can be disappointing.  I’ve connected with people from my past where the refurbished friendship turned into a disaster and resulted in UN-friending.  The problem with Facebook, like email, is that people can’t hear the tone of your comments, and sometimes a simple piece of gentle sarcasm or constructive criticism can be blown out of proportion and relationships ruined or badly damaged.  One needs to take what they see or read on Facebook with a grain of salt, and maybe with some humor.

     Have I mentioned all the famous advertisements that scroll on the right hand side of your screen?  Am I the only one who sees that?  Most of them seem to pertain exactly to something you’ve either searched for or visited their website or made an online purchase for.  Gee, how intuitive and helpful can you be?  In addition, there is a continuing list of games you can play at your leisure, and top that off with your calendar at the top of the page, so you can see all of your friend’s birthdays at any given moment.  How did they know that’s exactly what I wanted?

     I often wonder what my parents would think of the communications of the world we live in.  They both passed away without the wealth of knowledge of what a computer can really do.  If only they could see me now!  I can write emails, chat online, comment on a friend’s post, play games, write a long note, keep track of my family, keep track of my whereabouts, create an event and invite people to it … I could go on and on.  All of this and so much more on one website.  Well, I guess it’s not really a “website” so much as a literal community.  Let’s not forget all the new words created for the dictionary:  peep, friend (as a verb), app, and more.  No, I won’t feed your cows in Farmville for a week so you can visit a manure convention in Ohio!  Don’t ask me!  Quit posting your moves in Words With Friends to your newsfeed, it takes up too much space and is  irritating.  And those en masse posts/comments/emails!  Can’t you just stop?

And don’t even get me started on “tweets”!


2 thoughts on “Face-to-Facebook ~

  1. I agree, Annette. FB can be “insidious” that way. I visit my account and privacy settings frequently to make sure they are appropriately adjusted to my specifications. But it seems I’m still finding new little nuances every now and then that need attention that I never noticed before. And, yes, some folks need to be a little more careful about what they’re posting. I usually try to think twice or three times about posting something, to make sure that I really do want it “out there”. And I try not to post when I’m angry, as I’m bound to say something I’ll regret! But, overall, I really LIKE Facebook. When used right, it can be an amazing venue to reconnect, inform, inspire and make people laugh.

  2. Then there’s “Susie read an article on fiber boat racing.”. But Tammy, really, there are so many things we do that are linked to Facebook without our knowledge, unless we take the time to look at what’s on our own page, and what is in the fine print (check marks) of the article we’re reading or the game we’re playing. I have instructed every virtual place I visit to NOT post to Facebook; and do you know there’s a word game that posts there anyway, and I have to remember to go to my page and delete the activity, since it’s not posted in my “feed” (as far as I have seen)?

    Really, Facebook can be a live diary. I sometimes enjoy gathering stuff I find in one place, but I sure don’t want to share my diary with the world! My pet peeve is people who air their dirty laundry in public. I still don’t think it’s appropriate for MOST postings about family problems/arguments. Some are, but most are not. ❤

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