Urban Fall

I love working in downtown Syracuse.  I’m not like, “downtown” the four corners of Salina and Fayette, but just down the hill from the hospitals (Crouse, Upstate and Golisano’s Children’s Center).  Although I’m indoors all day at work, when I come in to the city in the morning, and leave the city in the evening, I can’t help but notice my surroundings.  Most of the time, it’s beautiful here.  But never so much as it is in the fall.


The city is alive with color in the crisp, autmnal air.  One never seems to  notice just how many trees can be found in an urban venue until fall comes and the bright yellows, oranges and reds reveal themselves.  Sometimes it can be a distracting drive if you’re looking at all the displays during a trip out of the office for lunch, or at the 5:00 rush hour to get home.



What’s not to like about the city?  So often when asked where I work, when I respond that I work in “downtown Syracuse”, I get horrified looks and groans and comments like “I can’t navigate driving in the city”.  I guess it’s a matter of getting used to it, and knowing where you’re going and exactly how to get there.  I see something different every day when coming and going, and most often it’s beautiful.


There are parks nearby with benches or picnic tables and water fountains that are wonderful for an hourly lunch during the summer.  But they tend to be often busy and/or crowded.  Not so much in the fall ~ it seems to weed out a lot of “fair weather friends” who begin to retreat to their office buildings or inside restaurants when the weather turns cooler.



That’s fine.  All the better for me to sit and nibble on a salad and read my daily devotionals in peace.  Although, there’s lots less people-watching, which is also fun!

The next time you think about taking some inspirational photos somewhere, and head for the rural meadow, waterfalls or lakeside jaunts, don’t discount a trip to a big city.  The colors, people, happenings and architecture just might surprise you with an amazing photo op!

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