Vital Signs 2012 ~

**Disclaimer ~ the post that follows is my own personal point of view and opinion, and not credited or approved by my employer in any way**

 I like my job, I really do.  I work for a non-profit Emergency Medical Services agency that services Emergency Medical Technicians & Paramedics, as well as all respective EMS and Fire agencies in a five-county area in Central New York.  That’s around 2500 EMTs, and 160 agencies ~ give or take a few.  I like the office in which I work, though I wish I had the luxury of having a window.  And I like and respect my supervisor, who works very hard for our colleagues, and barely has a home life.

EMS ~ it’s more than just a ride to the hospital!

 I don’t get to see too many of the people I work with/for very often, but I talk to them and email them frequently.  I’m very proud to be involved in EMS, as I think it’s a calling rather than a job (for most).  I used to be an EMT and a firefighter many years ago in rural Cayuga County.  I was a volunteer.  That means I didn’t get paid to jump and run at all hours of the night to hope into an ambulance or drive a fire truck to the scene of an accident or to someone’s home who needed medical attention or their home was ablaze.  Okay, yes, it’s an adrenalin rush for sure to hear the siren go off and then all the flashing lights etc., but in today’s EMS, it’s not that simple.  There’s continuing education, countless hours of training ~ both in and out of the classroom ~ and that’s in addition to their full time, paying job, family responsibilities and the life they don’t have that the rest of us take for granted.

 I think that’s why it kinda burns me when our EMT’s (who often double as firefighters) whether they be paid or volunteer, get so little credit in our region.  Specifically, did anyone even know Vital Signs 2012 was in the OnCenter this past weekend?  Vital Signs is the New York State EMS Conference.  This is a HUGE thing for the state, and includes state recognition for achievements in EMS.  I am very proud to say that FOUR award winners came from OUR REGION this year!  That’s four out of ten awards given out went to OUR PEOPLE!  That’s statewide!  That’s pretty darn good!  But, ya know, I didn’t see Vital Signs covered by any local publication or t.v. station at all.  Did I miss something?  Did they cover it and I just didn’t see it?  Someone point this out to me, because I Googled it and came up with n-o-t-h-i-n-g.  Yet, let the Fireman’s convention come to town and the media is all over it (no disrespect intended). 

 Okay, so I guess you could say I’m “passionate” about EMS.  Why shouldn’t I be?  These hands-on people save lives.  I’m proud to work with every one of them.

**This post was created on my lunch hour!**

*steps down off soap box*

4 thoughts on “Vital Signs 2012 ~

  1. Nope. I have never even heard of “Vital Signs” for any year. Sad indeed! Perhaps a press release should be sent to every TV and radio station next year ahead of time? (I know, they shouldn’t have to tout themselves, but sometimes it’s the way it is. It’s great they have you, Tammy, to care about them and let the rest of us know! ❤

    • I really would’ve thought that some of the media would’ve picked up on it and/or someone from Albany ~ because it’s put on by NYS Dept of Health and attended by their EMS staff. It was three days long, and the staff was in Syracuse the entire week in preparation etc.! Not to mention that it was at the OnCenter ~ seems like someone should be advertising that place. Oh well, it’s 3:13 a.m. and I’m back up on my soap box again.

  2. EMTs are just ambulance drivers. Until one of them pumps your heart back to life. Then when you get home you see the ambulance bill. It makes my hair stand on end to hear anyone complaining about the ambulance services. One person told me he wouldnt be donating to us anymore and I thought (later) “OK, so if all our donators thought that way then we wont be there to save their lives next time.” It’s a sad state of affairs.

    • I have to chuckle when I read your comment, Kristen, because 6 months ago (before you were employed in an EMS venue) you would’ve thought the same way and not given an EMT or Paramedic a second thought. Being submerged into the field sure can open one’s eyes and help them to appreciate such life-giving people. Welcome aboard! (said with pride!)

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