Cee’s Challenge: Ups & Downs of Outdoors

I had a hard time finding something for the challenge as I go to work in the semi-darkness and come home in pitch black darkness.  That leaves little time to take photos in optimal light.

Terpening Trucking Company

Terpening Trucking Company

So I followed this local Terpening truck to work this morning, and actually began taking photos on a major highway in rush hour traffic to get this shot!  And it’s not even that good!  But you can see the ladder that’s used to climb up and down onto that tanker.  Terpening delivers petroleum based fuels and is based out of Syracuse, NY.

Local construction

Local construction

I work in downtown Syracuse, NY, and this construction of the next best Marriott Inn right near the Creek Walk and Armory Square catches my eye every morning as I pass right by it.  I, personally, am afraid of heights… but these guys climb up on their scaffolding and these bucket thingys for a living.

Marriott under construction

Marriott under construction

I took the above photo from my car waiting for a light to change in traffic, so the picture isn’t too great, but the content is there.

Thanks, Cee, looking forward to next week’s challenge!

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