2 thoughts on “Pure decadence quilt prelim ipiccy

  1. This quilt is a beauty and I love your choice of colours. I too rarely use white. A big mistake ! When I look at your quilt I realize how it highlights every other shade. Well done, Tamara. Have you added the border by now ?

    • I don’t have the border yet… I’ve been preoccupied with two other quilts that I’m being paid to complete/rejuvenate. Truth is, I’ve been looking but having trouble finding just the right fabric for the first inside border. I don’t want to use any of the fabrics from the existing squares, and I can’t decide what else to use. A consistent problem for me, I’m afraid. My husband has suggested a “caramel” color, to keep the candy bar/decadence theme. Once I get that first border down, I’ll reuse some of the original fabrics in the center for more borders. Baby steps! Thanks for your input, Isa.

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