Share Your World Week 51

This week’s thought-provoking and revealing questions from Cee’s Photography

  1. Your most favorite fiction book?  Has to be “Black Beauty” by Anna Sewell.  I’ve always been a horse lover and this story has always fascinated me.      

    Black Beauty

    Black Beauty

  2. What one thing you miss about being a kid? Carefree summer vacations.  Summers off from school seemed to last forever for me.  I remember laying in the cool grass under our maple trees watching a warm breeze move through the leaves and branches.  We had a small hill in our yard, that seemed big to us as children, and we’d start at the top and roll down over and over until we were dizzy.  Catching fireflies at night and keeping them in a jar and watching them blink until you fall asleep.   

    Fireflies in summer

    Fireflies in summer

  3. If you were an ice cream cone how many scoops and flavors would you be and why?  I’d be chocolate ice cream (a classic) and only a couple of scoops.  Just enough for a “child size” to enjoy, otherwise I might get thrown into the trash if there’s too much left over.  More importantly, I’d like to have one of those “flavored” cones with the flat bottom.  They used to come in chocolate, red and green as well as the “standard” one shown here.   

    Chocolate ice cream cone

    Chocolate ice cream cone

  4. What was one of your first moneymaking jobs (other than babysitting or newspaper delivery)?  I was lucky enough to be at the top of my class in high school as far as the business courses I took.  In my senior year, I was “teacher’s pet” of the business director, so when she was asked to recommend a student for an open part-time position as Receptionist at the school’s district offices, she recommended me and I got the job.  I started working during my lunch hour to cover the full-time Receptionist’s lunch hour, and after school.  Then I went on to substitute for the high school’s secretary over summer vacation (no fireflies THAT summer!) and other various temp positions throughout the school district.  
    Baker High School, Baldwinsville, NY

    Baker High School, Baldwinsville, NY

    Thanks, Cee!

4 thoughts on “Share Your World Week 51

  1. Hi Tamara, I had forgotten entirely about Black Beauty…it is a wonderful read. I enjoyed reading your Share Your World and other posts as well. Such insight, faith and bravery! Thank you for sharing.

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