Cee’s Challenge ~ Things That Make You Happy!

I have a myriad of photos of things that make me happy!  I’ll share some of the most special ~

Lauren "the fish" at our 2010 Family Reunion

Lauren “the fish” at our 2010 Family Reunion

My great-niece, Lauren, comes up from underwater in our pool during our first family reunion at my house in Summer 2010.  Thoughts of the entire week-long reunion continue to make me happy two years later.  We entertained some 60 close and extended family members:  brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles.  The weather was warm and so was the pool!                                                                                                                                                                                          

Another fave thing that makes me smile are motorcycles.  Not just your “average” Harley… my husband and I are Triumph/British motorcycle enthusiasts.  He owns (4) different motorcycles, and I’m currently in between bikes.  Yes, I have my license ~ you won’t catch me sitting behind some guy, I gotta be in charge.

Spectacular Triumph Rocket III

Spectacular Triumph Rocket III

This yellow Triumph, though not one of ours, belongs to a member of our British Motorcycle Club of CNY, of which my husband is President.  It was on display at this year’s 2012 Euro Bike Ride-In held at Rudy’s on Lake Ontario in Oswego, NY.

Shiny pipes

Shiny pipes

My husband and I have (7) grandchildren.  Every one of them is a delight and make us both happy!  This pic of (now 4 yr old) Liam was taken when he was just two weeks old.  Our grandchildren are the light of our lives.

Liam at 2 weeks

Liam at 2 weeks

     Thanks, Cee!  Your Challenges also make me happy!

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