Time and Time Again ~

Can anyone tell me about the calendar?  I mean, sort of like the origination of the calendar?  The whole thing about “BC”  “AD” has me confused.  When did the “changeover” happen?  And how did it happen?

 And how did the citizens of that time characterize the years?  For instance, today is January 8, 2013.  Well, when the BC/AD thing happened, did they go from Zero BC to Zero AD?  Or how did that work?  And then, 2012 years ago, they actually said it was January 8, 0001?  And what was the date 2014 years ago today?

 Any enlightenment would be appreciated.  Please leave comments below.




One thought on “Time and Time Again ~

  1. Those are very good questions! I don’t have any answers but now you’ve got me curious about it. I’m betting it’s not even really 2013. They had to mess things up somewhere along the way. 🙂

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