What’s In a Name? ~

Last summer, Al and I took an extended weekend and drove up to Alexandria Bay for a mini-anniversary-getaway.  As we are very low-key entertainment people, I took much enjoyment out of wandering around and sightseeing.  I am particularly fond of water (fresh or salt), so I especially liked meandering the docks and waterfront areas watching swimmers and boats come and go. 

 I started noticing some of the names of the private boats that entered/exited the main docking area for the village.  I decided to take photos of those boats/names and make a blog post from them.


Boat wishing star Boat Apache Boat Balsa Boat Basstub 2 Boat Bay Dreamer Boat between flights Boat boomerang Boat dow jones Boat Freedom Waves Boat half note Boat little george Boat lotus Boat Merry Lea Boat My Boat Boat No Cure Boat relax'n Boat serenity now Boat sun runner Boat Triumph Boat Utopia



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