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Favorite Photos ~

I’ve just been going through all of my “older” pics and added some to my digital picture frame that hangs in our Family Room.  I just wanted to share a few of my very favorites, and explain why they are my favorites.

Karrie graduates from Wright State.

Karrie graduates from Wright State.

As unassuming as this photo may seem to others, I think it’s my all-time favorite of all the hundreds that I have.  You see, that smiling face right dead center, looking straight at the camera, is my daughter, Karalyn Pillsbury.  She was graduating that day from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, and my husband and I ventured out there to see her graduate.  Well, as you may imagine, we were high in the bleechers in the audience, and it was a complete chaos of green down in the center of the auditorium where all the gradutes were milling around.  In fact, I couldn’t even see Karalyn without the aid of my camera zoom, that’s how far away we were.  I was SURE she’d never connect with us!  However, as you can see, at one point she looked right at me just as I snapped this photo!  What an extra special gift it was to get her face, beaming at the camera, and no one elses!  This photo is very sentimental.

"They that go down to the sea in ships"

“They that go down to the sea in ships”

Rockport motif #1

Rockport motif #1

A couple more of my favorites come from my honeymoon with Al in 1998.  We drove to Rockport, Massachusetts, and stayed at a nice little bed and breakfast, spending each day sightseeing and photographing.  “They that go down to the sea in ships” was taken in Gloucester, MA.  Of course, it’s a very high profile statue and very popular in Gloucester as well as everywhere else.  Al and I spent a day in Gloucester and went on a whale watch, then took photos upon our return before we headed back to Rockport.  The second photo “Rockport Motif #1” is also a very popular and widely-known photo… however, this one is MINE.  I did not scarf it from somewhere else, but took it myself.  If you Google Motif #1, you will see a variety of such photos come up.

Al on his 1969 Triumph Bonneville

Al on his 1969 Triumph Bonneville

The above photo of my husband is one of my “newest” favorites.  Al owns several British motorcycles, but this Triumph Bonnie is my fave.  He makes it look good, and vice versa!  The bike is special to me because I know of all the work that Al has put into it … this is a custom motorcycle.  I particularly love the gas tank paint job with meta-flake gold and reddish-orange.  It also has precision pin-striping on the top of the tank, done by hand by Al.  His current “project bike” is a 1967 Royal Enfield Interceptor that he got from a friend a couple of years ago in a box in parts!  For $300 he got a bike that’s worth several thousand.  Anyway, this photo is not mine, but courtesy of Roger William Photography in Cortland, NY.

There are many, many special photos in my archives that I would love to share, but these are my current favorites.  Hope you’ve enjoyed perusing them.  Until next time…  Happy Blogging!


Bob’s Challenge: Frameable Keepers ~

While I’m sure most people are going to post landscapes or pets or all kinds of interesting things for Bob’s Challenge, the photo I’m posting below is what I would consider frameable.  I keep it on my computer desktop at work and at home because it means so much to me.

My husband, Al, and I are Scrabble enthusiasts.  One day on a whim I put this together, took the photo, then emailed it to him in hopes to make his day at work a little brighter.  It’s not super fancy or taken with any high powered camera, but it’s very sentimental to us.


Scrabble played the personal way.

Scrabble played the personal way.


Bob's Challenge-Frameable Keepers

What’s In a Name? ~

Last summer, Al and I took an extended weekend and drove up to Alexandria Bay for a mini-anniversary-getaway.  As we are very low-key entertainment people, I took much enjoyment out of wandering around and sightseeing.  I am particularly fond of water (fresh or salt), so I especially liked meandering the docks and waterfront areas watching swimmers and boats come and go. 

 I started noticing some of the names of the private boats that entered/exited the main docking area for the village.  I decided to take photos of those boats/names and make a blog post from them.


Boat wishing star Boat Apache Boat Balsa Boat Basstub 2 Boat Bay Dreamer Boat between flights Boat boomerang Boat dow jones Boat Freedom Waves Boat half note Boat little george Boat lotus Boat Merry Lea Boat My Boat Boat No Cure Boat relax'n Boat serenity now Boat sun runner Boat Triumph Boat Utopia



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Metal ~

Anchor's aweigh!  Clayton, New York

Anchor’s aweigh! Clayton, New York


Al and I took a mini vacation in August 2012 up to Alexandria Bay, New York.  On the way back home after 3 beautiful sun-filled days, we took the “back roads” and found this park in Clayton (?), New York.  At least, I think it was Clayton.  But I saw this ginormous anchor and couldn’t resist.

This is my submission for the first part of Cee’s Challenge, Part 1 of the 5 Chinese Elements… Metal.  Thanks, Cee!


Time and Time Again ~

Can anyone tell me about the calendar?  I mean, sort of like the origination of the calendar?  The whole thing about “BC”  “AD” has me confused.  When did the “changeover” happen?  And how did it happen?

 And how did the citizens of that time characterize the years?  For instance, today is January 8, 2013.  Well, when the BC/AD thing happened, did they go from Zero BC to Zero AD?  Or how did that work?  And then, 2012 years ago, they actually said it was January 8, 0001?  And what was the date 2014 years ago today?

 Any enlightenment would be appreciated.  Please leave comments below.