Pure Decadence… Add Caramel ~

Caramel Border for my Pure Decadence Quilt

Caramel Border for my Pure Decadence Quilt

I’m absolutely tickled pink that I finally managed to find the border color for my “Pure Decadence” quilt that I started several months ago.  It’s the hardest part of quilting, for me, matching colors!  Unless I buy my fabrics in a pre-arranged “bundle” that match, I’m usually lost for several weeks… as in this case.

I had the inside of the top complete, but when it came to choosing the borders, I couldn’t decide on where to even start!  I consulted Al, and we both discussed the “theme” of decadence (as in chocolate), and he thought something caramel colored would be appropriate.  Okay, so “caramel” ~ that could range from brown to orange to yellow.  I’ve been hunting in stores and online for several weeks.  I found some gorgeous fabric on Fabric.com that looked like melted chocolate, and it would’ve probably been perfect, but I’m wary about purchasing fabric that I haven’t touched.  I have purchased from Fabric.com before, and have always been very pleased with their prices and their quality.  But, this time it’s special.  Don’t ask me why.  Maybe because it’s so personal.  Chocolate is my “comfort”.  It makes everything right again.  So, this quilt that will be going in my bedroom on my bed needs to reflect that comfort ~ even in the border.

Pure Decadence quilt top pieces ~ making progress!

Pure Decadence quilt top pieces ~ making progress!

So, I will be using this caramel-colored fabric for the first border… just the first of probably 3 or 4 borders.  I found this gorgeous fabric at a local quilt shop, Mission Rose Quiltery, in North Syracuse.  It will encompass the entire perimeter of the top pictured above, around 4-6″ in width, I think.  After that, I will revert back to the fabrics that built the center, and use those colors for more borders.  I’m thinking, after the caramel, that pretty dark brown would look magnificent.  And then take it lighter and lighter from there.

However, this will most likely be an entire summer-long project, as I have one current paid project to finish for a friend, then baby quilts!  I’m expecting our 8th grandchild ~ a little girl ~ in July… that will require at least 2 quilts and several receiving blankets.  Then, I’m planning two twin size quilts for my twin grandchildren that will be visiting us from Alaska this Christmas!  So much to do!  So much fabric to buy!

This is my joy… my bliss. 

I’d love for you to share yours, please feel free to leave a reply.

Until next time, TTFN ~ Tamara Eckstadt

One thought on “Pure Decadence… Add Caramel ~

  1. I know the satisfaction of finding “the” fabric. I used to order by mail from swatches, but that’s not a good indication of what the large piece is going to look like. I wouldn’t order online for something as special as this quilt is to you, either. You have your work “cut out” for you this year. 😉

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