The View from the Edge ~

Yesterday I got one of the maintenance guys in the building where I work to take me up to the 24th floor ~ the top floor ~ and open up the “outer ledge” so I could take some photos with a view.  The outer ledge is the area that is kept locked as there’s only a small rail that is between you and the 24 floor drop to the concrete below.  It’s a “privilege” to be allowed out there, though I was not unescorted.

It was partially cloudy and quite windy and cold, so I didn’t stay long.  It was an interesting view, but not as photogenic as I’d expected.  Maybe because it was so overcast, and I was preoccupied with freezing hands that had difficulty focusing the camera.  Also, everything is still so dismally grey going into Spring.

Downtown Syracuse, NY

Downtown Syracuse, NY

The War Memorial Building, Syracuse, NY

The War Memorial Building, Syracuse, NY

The Syracuse On Center, Syracuse, NY

The Syracuse On Center,  and Everson Museum (forground) Syracuse, NY

The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Syracuse, NY

The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Syracuse, NY

The SU Dome on the hill, Syracuse, NY

The SU Dome on the hill, Syracuse, NY

Look out below!

Look out below!

"Art/Science Center"?  Syracuse, NY

“Art/Science Center”? Syracuse, NY

This last photo is a pic of what could be the most hideous building I’ve ever seen in my life, and does not “fit” into the typical Syracuse architecture.  That blue/green building is some sort of art/science center, if I remember correctly.  It’s ALL GLASS, and has already had to be repaired several times due to wind damage.  It’s only a couple of years old.

I’ve been invited back up to the 24th floor for July 4th fireworks.  I’ve been told you can see dozens of fireworks displays for miles and miles.  But I’m not going to wait that long to visit again.  Once the leaves are back on the trees, and there’s some color to be seen, I’ll go back up and see what I can see in a couple of months.  Spring is incredibly colorful and fragrant in the city.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my view from the ledge of the 24th floor.  Feel free to come back, and thank you for visiting.

Until next time, TTFN ~ Tamara Eckstadt

5 thoughts on “The View from the Edge ~

  1. Nice photos. It’s funny, this time of year I was expecting to see a lot of snow in the photos. well done.

    • It’s been unusually snow-less in our little corner of central New York. North of us in Oswego and south of us Cortland/Binghamton have been getting hammered. Somehow we just miss it. Thanks for stopping by. I see you DO take time to come down off that bridge! 🙂

  2. I didn’t know Syracuse was such a big town! Thank you for sharing a little of it. Now I have a more accurate picture in my mind. I saw buds on the maple trees today! I hope spring is just around the corner in NY too.

    • Syracuse is one of the largest cities in Central New York, next to Buffalo, Rochester & Albany. Many people find it intimidating to have to “drive into the city”. I love working here even though I live in a rural area. There’s always something interesting to see and click!

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