Macro Monday ~

Sometimes I like to just mess with the settings on my camera, getting to know them, and attempting to explore all the different things I can do with my little Finepix S700.  This past weekend I tried some macro (up close) shots, as well as a variety of other things.  I particularly like macro when photographing flowers.  My cat?  Not so much!

(click on each photo for a slide show or to enlarge)

If you’re familiar with me at all, you’ll know that our little piece of the world, our almost three acres of God’s goregous earth, is lackluster in nutrients to support plant growth.  It used to be a farm field, used for corn and Lord knows what else.  When we purchased it, we did not realize that all of the nutrients necessary to support things like GRASS in the front yard, trees, perennials and such are no longer there.  It has been a 9-year struggle to get anything pretty to grow, even after we’ve tried various avenues such as weeders, feeders, etc.  It’s not feasibly affordable to keep Miracle Grow-ing our acreage.  Anyway, I digress!  So each Spring, it’s with hope and excitement that I wait to see what, if anything, will “return” and … flourish?  My trees are most precious:  my King Crimson maple that my children got me, my pin oak trees that appear to be truly established and out of the danger zone, and (of course) my newly-planted red oak tree ~ my Kirkwood ~ planted last summer.  We also have flowering trees, shrubs etc. that, after 7-8-9 years are still struggling to flower, let alone flourish.  And I haven’t even mentioned our “grassy front yard” that I mow every weekend through Spring and less often into Summer.  All I can say is that it’s “green” ~ but not due to grass, but a variety of weeds.  It actually looks nice from the road, but when I’m mowing it, I get depressed at the hideousness of the weeds.  What I would’t give to till up the whole “front 40” and plant grass seed and actually have grass GROW!  But, I digress yet again in my rant.  My whole reason for posting was for you to enjoy some macro shots I took.  I should be thrilled that we even OWN a piece of God’s creativity!  And I am!

Until next time, God bless and TTFN ~ Tamara Eckstadt

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