Pet Peeves ~

We have two pets now, having lost our beloved cat, Doug, over the winter.  Now we have Jammer, our 9 year old Golden Retriever, and Sumi, our 14 year old Siamese cat.

Jammer is a joy in his simplicity.  He’s been a good dog since the day we brought him home as a 8 wk old puppy.  Easy to crate train, low maintenance, well-disciplined/obedient.  In many ways, a complete wimp.  As good and sweet as he is, he’s huge like a lumbering ox.  Mix that with a fear of just about everything ~ wind, thunder storms, fireworks ~ and you have the potential for serious injuries to your feet as he scrambles to get away from whatever threat he perceives.

Jammer as seen through the lattice panels on our back deck

Jammer as seen through the lattice panels on our back deck

Jammer in the sunlight of our back yard.  Notice the slobber hanging from the left side of his mouth.

Lest I forget to mention the “wet mouth” characteristic of the Golden Retriever breed.  Slobber, slobber EVERYWHERE!  When he shakes his head to relieve whatever itch he thinks he has, the foamy saliva often winds up wrapped around the outside of his muzzle, as well as the walls of the kitchen or anywhere else he might be at the time.  And who could forget that “trail” of water he leaves after drinking water from his dish and coming to see if he can get attention from me or Al.  The wet spot on the jeans or shirt is inevitable!

Did I introduce you to Sumi?  She’s our Siamese “Miss Priss”.  She allows us to live in our home only to service her.  Easily insulted she is.  Demands attention.  Often, if she perceives she’s being ignored, or if her every day routine is disrupted for whatever reason, she’ll make her displeasure known by throwing up … wherever.  Could that be called bulemia?  I think “persnickity” fits better.  If you notice that her brown ears look a little “funny”, it’s because several years ago she had a bout with ear mites that made her ears balloon and swell until they were literally round like balloons with fluid.  Our vet treated her with the caution that her ears might not return to their original look ~ whatever that meant at the time.  Indeed, they look similar to potato chips… crinkled.  But we don’t mind.  That doesn’t dissuade her at all from vomiting at her leisure.  Siamese cats are yowling noisey animals, you say?  Not so!  Sumi doesn’t really even meow.  On occasion she’s muster a kind of “crackling” mew if she can’t get your attention fast enough, but mostly she “coos” ~ you know, the sound mama cats make to their kittens.  It’s a “coo-purr”.

Sumi surveys her back yard from the back deck

Sumi surveys her back yard from the back deck

Closeup of a pretty face with crinkled ears

As much as I love pets, and in particular OUR pets, I understand now when my parents used to say “No more pets!”.   Jammer and Sumi are wonderful additions to our family… no, they aren’t “pets”.  They are one of us, and completely irreplaceable.  We are lucky to have them and we hope they feel the same.

Until next time … TTFN ~ Tamara Eckstadt

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