Floral Friday Fotos ~ Candy Cane Verbena

I’d never heard of the “Candy Cane Verbena” before until I went to buy something nice and unusual for my mother-in-law when we went to visit last weekend.  They had this incredible hanging basket tagged “Candy Cane Verbena”.  I fell in love with the bright colors.

Verbena x hybrida

Has dark velvety green foliage with clusters of red and white flowers in summer.   A gorgeous all season annual, ideal for pots and containers.  Prefers a full sun to part shade position.  Heat, drought and frost tolerant once established. 

Grows 30cm high x 50cm wide.

candy cane verbena four 5-5-13

Candy cane verbena too 5-5-13

Candy cane verbena three 5-5-13

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