What’s Your Passion? ~

Lately I’ve been seeing the word “passion” bounced around a lot, either in conversation or on Facebook and even on the blogs.  I’ve seen it especially in connection with photography, and it got me thinking about my own passions.  I began to identify just what my passions are, what they mean to me, how important they are to me and how I can enhance or indulge them in the future.

Passion, by definition, can be a powerful emotion (such as joy, love, anger), boundless enthusiasm, or the object of such enthusiasm, fervor or even a fiery intensity of feelings.  I have identified that I have an absolute passion for quilting.  It is an artistic outlet for me, that can be transformed into something beautiful and useful to myself or others.  I pour my heart and soul into my quilting creations, always keeping in mind what the intended recipient’s likes/dislikes and their own passions are, and creating a very personal statement for that person.  I seldom keep my own creations, instead creating with others in mind and giving the quilt to that intended recipient with every ounce of love I can show in the way it’s created.  It is a passionate endeavor.

I also have discovered within the past year that I am passionate about digital photography.  I have “dabbled” taking photos over the decades, but since last October, something has “clicked” and I find myself seeing the world in a different way—through a camera lens.  This passion can be very distracting and, indeed, dangerous … especially when I find myself stopping in traffic to get a particular shot, or pulling off the road to go down an embankment or onto a particularly rickety bridge etc.  Recent photos of our baby Robins has almost cost me some peck-marks from the protective parents!  What do I really find attractive about photography?  I don’t know, maybe it has to do with the realization that my memory just isn’t what it used to be, and I can capture moments and keep them at hand to look at and refresh my memory in the future.  I have a passion for color as well… so I tend to enhance my photos, but not too much, just to bring out the finer points of the photo with clarity and increased color.

I not only like producing photos, but I love looking at others photos on the blogs, and I can admire places and things that I will never have an opportunity to experience on my own.  I’m learning about composition and balance, and can even appreciate the black and white photo on occasion.

I am looking forward to the first weekend in June, next weekend, when I can enjoy to the fullest both of my passions by attending a massive quilt show at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) and take photos of quilt displays for an entire day.  And I am lucky enough that Al, my husband who also indulges me in my passions, will accompany me and we can enjoy the attraction together.  So look for more quilting photos here on my blog in a couple of weeks!

Meantime, feel free to enjoy some photos of my passions.  Until next time, TTFN, and what’s YOUR passion? ~   Tamara



4 thoughts on “What’s Your Passion? ~

  1. Tamara, I really loved this post about your passions. I can relate so much to them. I am also a passionate quilter, even though my hands cause me problems now, arthrosis 😦 Quilting for others, thinking of them as I sew along makes me feel real good, stitching positive thoughts. Then photography. I always liked photography and own two old cameras (argentic) I no longer use, maybe I should ? With the digital camera it has become so much easier, taking a lot of photos like you do and then choosing the ones I consider best. Colours are also part of my passions : in photography or in quilting. Passion is a feeling that makes you grow and discover all you keep in yourself unless you bring them out : photography, sewing, writing or whatever.
    Thank you for letting me express these thoughts, dear Tamara.

    Last but not least, I love your colourful pictures above 🙂

    • Hi Isa! I’m glad you enjoyed my post, and I’m even happier that you explored your own passions in return! It’s fascinating to see that we have passions in common. I’ve never mentioned it before, but I also have a passion for writing. But have only ever explored it in writing my own journals… well, until WordPress. Perhaps in the future I’ll expand my writing passions on here, and in a book.
      Thank you for stopping by and taking a look! Take care.

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