Floral Friday Fotos: Marvelous Marigolds ~

Marvelous Marigolds

Marvelous Marigolds

Marigolds are hardy, annual plants and are great plants for cheering up any garden. Broadly, there are two genuses which are referred to by the common name, Marigolds viz. Tagetes and Celandula. Tagetes includes African Marigolds and French Marigolds. Celandula includes Pot Marigolds.  Marigold (Calendula) is an extremely effective herb for the treatment of skin problems and can be used wherever there is inflammation of the skin.  In South Asia, bright yellow and orange Marigold flowers are used in their thousands and placed in garlands and to decorate religious statues and buildings. They are also used as offerings and decoration at funerals, weddings and other ceremonies.  Pigments in Marigolds are sometimes extracted and used as a food coloring for humans and livestock.

But I like them simply because of their pretty color and long lasting beauty!

Until next time, thanks for stopping by!  TTFN ~ Tamara

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