V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N ~

It’s finally here!  That time of year when I get to take some vacation time and get away from work for more than just a 3 or 4-day weekend.  I live for vacation!  I love to travel!  I get three weeks of vacation beginning this year, my fifth year at CNYEMS.  Al and I will be travelling to Maine in August for a week.  Well, we won’t only be in Maine.  We’ll be staying in Portland for the majority, but then coming back through New Hampshire and Vermont on the way home, with stays in Burlington, Vermont and Lake George, New York.

Have I mentioned that I’m a “planner”?  I’ve been planning this week long vacation since January… seriously.  I have every detail under control, planned out, reserved; from the B & B’s we’ll be staying at to the kennel boarding our dog, what we’ll do/where we’ll go each day, down to the mileage and time it takes to go from place to place.  I actually have a three-ring binder dedicated to our vacation.  Everything is not written in stone, by any means.  We can change our plans, except for where we’re staying and the Windjammer cruise from Portland, at any time.  The shopping, beaches, dining etc. are totally fluid.

Windjammer cruise out of Portland, Maine

Windjammer cruise out of Portland, Maine

Did I mention that I’m excited?  I have a tendency to think that each vacation I’m taking could very well be my last, so I make sure that it will be enjoyable!  Al?  Of course I consult and plan with my husband!  Well, sort of.  I do all the planning, then consult with him to see if he likes what I’ve planned, or if he wants to make changes.  Generally, he seems satisfied with my ideas.  Actually, when we began discussing 2013 vacation plans LAST DECEMBER, Al was the one who suggested New England.  We honeymooned in Massachusetts, but I’ve never been farther north than that.  I LOVE the east coast!

Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine


Where will you be vacationing this year?

Until next time, TTFN ~ Tamara Eckstadt


6 thoughts on “V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N ~

  1. Hello Tamara ! Your vacation sounds just beautiful ! Planning is good and even necessary sometimes but it is nice to make decisions at the last moment, get surprised too, as you do. The only area I know in the States is a little bit of big Texas and parts of NYC. All I heard and saw about the East Coast looks very tempting though. Husband and I will be going up to a chalet in the Alps in mid-July. We love it up there. The air is cooler, the view breathtaking and there are long walks along the slopes.
    We’ll share our photos, won’t we 😉 I love the photo of Portland’s lighthouse. So exotic for me.

    • Oh my, Isa! A chalet in the alps sound absolutely exotic and wonderful! I’ve never been out of the US, but my dream is to go to Germany ~ where my ancestors are from. Cannot wait to see photos!
      Thanks for stopping by! It’s always a special treat for me to hear from you, Carol & Trisha.

  2. Well, this is a trait we differ on! My husband and I are more last minute, pantsers rather than planners when it comes to vacations. (And pretty much everything else.) We may be going to Hawaii at the end of August…but we haven’t booked our trip or even checked on prices yet!

    Your vacation sounds wonderful! I’ve always wanted to visit the north east and I look forward to seeing your vacation photos!

    • OMGoodness! Don’t get me started on Hawaii! Been there twice (Oahu and Hawaii). Both times were planned at least six months in advance. I’ll share my New England photos if you share your Hawaii photos! (I’ll share mine anyway ~ can’t resist!)

  3. I suspect we will have a staycation again this year, what with husband’s health. But, to paraphrase my son s few years ago, “mom, you live a vacation life”. T’is close to true. We did enjoy our trip to New England in 2006. Husband had never been and I wanted him to see the fall colors.

    • We try to go somewhere each year, but don’t always make it. This year is kinda special because we’re incorporating our 15th wedding anniversary (Aug 15). Next year we’ll most likely staycation too ~ having not finished paying off this year’s vacation yet! Thanks for looking, Carol! Love your bird photos ~ especially hummingbirds! Amazing!

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