Upstate Trauma Team: Simply the Best ~

Most of my friends, family and acquaintances know that I work in the Emergency Medical Services field.  No, I am no longer an EMT as I once was (and volunteer firefighter), but I love my job and I love the people I work with.  So when I have an opportunity to share the best pieces of my career with others, it is done with great pride and respect for my colleagues in EMS that I do so.

 ** Disclaimer:  I work with hundreds of ambulance agencies, fire departments and thousands of EMTs of every level.  I do not favor any above the rest… despite the title of this post.  Every one of them is my hero, without exception.  I am not playing favorites by highlighting this particular team. **

Upstate University Hospital has an awesome Helo (helicopter) pad!  I’ve posted photos that I have taken from the vantage point of my parking lot before.  Sometimes when I come and go from my job, an emergency helicopter may be landing or taking off, and, believe me, it’s a fascinating thing to watch!  Or, perhaps it’s just my enthusiasm for EMS and my colleagues.

Upstate University Hospital's Trauma Team

Upstate University Hospital’s Trauma Team standing on their helo pad


Mercy Flight lands on Upstates Helo Pad 5-2-13

A helo recently landed on Upstate University Hospital’s helipad ~ from my parking lot vantage point.


I admit I must have a certain fascination with the Trauma Team because they work with helicopters and some of the most life-threatening injuries a patient can get.  Maybe it’s the adrenalin associated with the excitement.  Maybe I just shouldn’t analyze it so much!

But I wanted to give a shout-out to the Upstate University Hospital Trauma Team, here in Syracuse, NY.  Incredible people doing an incredible job of providing exceptional & professional trauma care!  Check them out on their website and on Facebook!

Until next time, TTFN ~ Tamara Eckstadt

** Photo of Upstate University Hospital Trauma Team used with permission of Trauma Program Manager, Maryann Fields ~ thank you, Maryann! **


2 thoughts on “Upstate Trauma Team: Simply the Best ~

  1. My dad was in the hospital last week and his room looked out over the helo pad so we got to watch the helicopter and crew come and go. It was fascinating! I have great respect for the people that get on that helicopter and work with such traumatic injuries.

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