Made to Crave: Clothing Optional ~

Today I received three catalogs in the mail for clothing… fat clothing. Normally I would be excited looking at what’s on clearance (already) from their summer stock, but loathing that they’re advertising their fall/winter wear already! I took the stack, as I normally do, and cuddled up in my loveseat/recliner (my comfort zone) and proceeded to look through to see what, if anything, I could even afford. You see, I cannot purchase the majority of my clothes at WalMart, Macy’s or any “over the counter” clothing store. They who claim to carry “fuller figure” styles are kidding themselves. But they aren’t kidding me. I outgrew those sizes in the mid to late 80’s. I do shop at Catherine’s on occasion, if I’m desperate for something I can’t wait to come via USPS from one of the fat clothing stores.

Another “advantage” from buying online or from a catalog is that you can’t try them on. You purchase your item(s), pay to have them shipped only to find out that they don’t fit ~ one way or another. Too short, too tight, too long, just barely too tight but will shrink when I wash it, makes my arms look too fat, doesn’t hide my belly enough. Then you have to ship it back and either exchange it or get a refund… and you pay for that shipping too. So by the time you’re through, you’re into this $59.99 pair of crappy jeans for at least $21.99 for shipping alone.

“Making It Big” ~ my favorite catalog store. Yep, they make them big… up to 8 XL. I’m not there yet, but I WAS well on my way. I love Making It Big’s clothing, just not their prices. Your typical dress that I would wear to work is around $125.00. The tops in these photos are also $85+… for a flipping top! I can no longer afford to wear “nice” stuff to work, or at home either. This has to end!

Fall Fashion Preview - Shop Now!

Now for a lifestyle update: The weekend was a little tough for me. I’m still learning what to buy, how to prepare healthy meals (and actually DOING it!) and how to curb my increasing hunger pangs. But it’s working! I went to an appreciation dinner on Sunday held by my church for church volunteers (of which I am one). It was at a nice, lakeside restaurant (Borio’s on Oneida Lake), and I was concerned about what I would/could eat without compromising my goals. I did good. I had a good sized portion of greens salad with a drizzle of dressing, and then I put that bowl of salad right on my plate as I continued down the buffet line picking foods. I took ONE small meatball, TWO pcs of Penne pasta, about a teaspoon of some gelatin/marshmallow salad, and a slice of Italian bread with no butter. I made it look to others like I had a lot, so “that conversation” wouldn’t come up. You know the one: “you’re hardly eating anything! Have some more …. ” whatever. No, I didn’t WANT any more. And I also passed on the dessert of cake and ice cream (“there’s plenty more, help yourselves” Pastor said). I drank lemonade. It was “enough”. And I was full ~ for about 3 hrs. But the test of cake and ice cream was H-A-R-D and I almost failed. But I stood my ground and watched my husband and other table-mates eat theirs ~ I even said “no” when Al offered me “just a taste” several times! Geez, Al!

I totally missed telling you the POINT to this post! I ended up putting the catalogs in the recycling bin. Why would I buy these fat clothes knowing that, perhaps by winter, I won’t even fit in any of them? All clothes shopping is officially on hold for now.

My niece, Lisa’s “fancy shoes”.

One of the wonderful “side-effects” of the weight loss I’m anticipating would be to be able to wear clothing that I like for a change… and not just what fits me. Above is a photo that my niece, Lisa, took to show her family what she was wearing out for a fancy date with her beau. I want to wear things like this. I love color, patterns, bling. This is my goal. Watch out, Lisa, I’m coming for these shoes! Are they size 7?

Thank you, whoever you are, for reading my progress and lending support. By the way, and I have no intentions of weighing myself so often, but just for fun I got on the scale again this afternoon. I lost one more pound ~ for a total of three in seven days. Don’t think of this as “bragging”, I won’t officially BRAG until I’m down about 15 lbs. Until then, I will quietly watch the scale and revel in whatever it tells me. I know, even if I gain a pound or two back, this is my journey, and I will prevail!

Until next time, TTFN ~ Tamara Eckstadt


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