Take Me Away, Vermont ~

We had spent our first three nights of vacation in Portland, Maine, but now, Tuesday morning, it was time to head out to Burlington, Vermont, catching some scenery through New Hampshire along the way.  All of our travel resources said it would be about a four hour ride to Burlington.  So, once again, I settled in and let Al take the wheel.

 Since we were only spending one overnight in Burlington, I had booked us into more moderately priced accommodations at the Burlington Travelodge.  It was convenient, right off the highway and not far from downtown and the ferry crossing we would be taking on Wednesday.  I had visited Burlington some years ago when I worked a marathon there for the American Heart Association, and I remembered it being a nice, relatively calm college town full of interesting things to see and places to go.

 The weather from the get-go wasn’t fantastic.  Overcast and threatening rain.  When we pulled into the Travelodge, Al went in to secure our lodgings (which I had booked February 13, 2013) as a king size room on the ground floor.  He came out and had been given keys to a room on the second floor with two twin beds.  Needless to say, I took my internet confirmation in with me to confront the young girl at the counter.  We ended up with a decent king room on the second floor, and made our way with our luggage just as the rain began to pour.  Eventually we emerged to go to dinner… a local IHOP.  We had decided to do most of our sightseeing the next day after we checked out and before our ferry crossing to New York.

 Cruising around Burlington was eye-opening, to say the least.  It had been “built up” since I had been there, and was very overtly commercial.  Still, we drove around the college section, where most of the more interesting shops still were, and then we decided to take the short drive out to Ben and Jerry’s.  I think we got there around 10:00 a.m., and it was so overwhelmingly packed with people that we didn’t even get an ice cream.  People were heard saying that they’d waited in line for over an hour for an ice cream cone.  I didn’t need one that bad!  So back down into Burlington to stop and shop at some of the more interesting stores we came across, and we also stopped and visited a really pretty park right on the water. 


Once I saw the Lake Champlain Chocolate Company it was all over.  We had to go in, even though I knew I would not be splurging on decadence like I wanted to.  I had done enough “damage” to my weight loss goals and promises already.  I did not want to add insult to injury.  But I thought there might be some interesting photos to be taken, so we went in.  We did end up buying two truffles each ~ they were enormous, and enormously expensive.  But, it was only four truffles… okay, and a small candy bar too.  Al ate most of it.  Okay, Al ate half of it and I ate the other half.  We are saps when it comes to good chocolatiers.

There were a couple of other “unusual” stores that Al had to check out.  One was a lighting store that had several statues in their parking lot that were created from lighting materials and metal things.  Right up Al’s alley.  By lunch time we were heading for the ferry crossing and parked second in line to board the ferry.  There was a nice little restaurant right there on the dock, so we took time for lunch, as we had an hour before the next crossing.  While we had lunch, the rain returned and deluged the dock.  Thank goodness we were inside.  The enormous bowl of clam chowder I was enjoying kept me warm while the wind whipped at the restaurant windows.  All too soon it was time to get back into the car and prepare to drive onto the ferry to cross Lake Champlain.  The weather remained unsettled throughout the crossing, but the ride was smooth.  On the other side, we stopped and took time to get our bearings and find out just exactly we would be getting to Lake George from the ferry crossing.

 I was looking forward to our upcoming accommodations in Warrensburg, just a six miles from Lake George.  This vacation that was supposed to be a rest and relaxation time, was wearing me out.

 Thanks for stopping by and reading about our excursion in Burlington.  Be sure to check out our Portland, Maine and Warrensburg/Lake George adventures.   TTFN ~ Tamara Eckstadt

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