Quilting in Wyalusing, PA ~

Just got home from another long trip down to Lake Winola, PA, to help my mother-in-law and sister-in-law prep for moving.  Having our “big” pickup (Dodge 1500) loaded and pulling a loaded trailer, Al decided to take the back roads, “scenic route” home as to avoid having to drive hideously fast on Route 81.  

Indeed, it was a beautiful, yet tiring ride that led us through some small towns and villages in Pennsylvania that were colorful and interesting.  The leaves were changing everywhere, and I held my camera close to me because I knew that, pulling a trailer, I would have to do way more than yell “Al, pull over” when I saw a potentially breath-taking photo op, because Al would NOT pull over hauling the load that we were hauling.  I knew if I wanted to grab some photos, I would have to point and shoot quickly.

When we approached this tiny little dent in the side of Route 6 near Wyalusing, PA, Al began to slow down a bit as we needed to find a place to get gas in the truck.  As we pulled into a tiny gas station, with a Dunkin Donuts attached, I began to look around as he filled the tank.  Hmmmm, there was a totem pole to the right.  And a large, billboard-size painted sign to the left that I recognized as a quilt pattern.  I’d heard of “Barn Quilts” and tours of such wonders, but had never seen any besides those on “Quilt in a Day” with Eleanor Burns (my personal hero and mentor).  When we pulled away from the gas pump, I glanced at the side of the Dunkin Donuts part of the building, and there was ANOTHER quilt block pattern!  Could we possibly be in the midst of a CLUSTER of barn quilts?!! 

Barn Quilt Block on the side of a Dunkin Donuts in Wyalusing, PA

Barn Quilt Block on the side of a Dunkin Donuts in Wyalusing, PA

I saw a sign that said “Blah blah blah ‘Quilted Corners of Wyalusing'”, and sure enough, more quilt blocks painted on barns and buildings were strewn about, some just off the main Route 6, but I could see them just the same!  I snapped photos as quickly as I could as we went by, but was able to save only these three.

A barn quilt block from Wyalusing, PA

A barn quilt block from Wyalusing, PA

A final barn quilt block in Wyalusing, PA.

A final barn quilt block in Wyalusing, PA.

I missed a few, and some were too blurry to post.  But when I got home, I researched the phenomenon online and Al said we could go back again to take the “Self-guided Driving Tour” some time.  Check out this link about it, maybe you’d want to take the trip down too!

That’s all for this time.  Thanks for stopping by and checking out  my post.  Feel free to leave a comment, or c’mon back again soon.  TTFN ~ Tamara Eckstadt

P.S. ~ I wanted to leave you with just one more picture I took yesterday.  It’s a macro photo of my mums that accompany my “Forgiven” red oak tree in my front yard.  Planted last year, both the mums and the oak tree are thriving beautifully!

"Forgiven Mums" in spectaular bloom!

“Forgiven Mums” in spectaular bloom!


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