Gravity ~


I don’t usually “do” critiques of movies online, but for some reason, this one has been uppermost in my mind all day ~ after seeing the movie last night.  First of all, in my opinion, it was not an award-winner.  It was good, but not great.  I’m glad I didn’t pay to see it in the theater, but the $1.30 it cost me at Redbox is worth it.  Indeed, there are precious few movies I would pay to see in the theater, since they’ll be at Redbox within 3 weeks after they’re released.


My worst complaint about the movie was the sound… maybe it was our t.v., but we just couldn’t hear the dialog 99% of the time.  Thank God for closed captioning.

Visually, it was pretty entertaining.  And the premise different and interesting.  I don’t recall ever seeing a movie with this exact story line, which was refreshing.  I am a science fiction addict, so this space stuff was right up my alley.

I’m not a huge fan of George Clooney, so the fact that he kinda took a back seat to Sandra Bullock was good for me.  She played her part well.  But I think my “thing” was – and it’s my own fault – I found myself competing (?) with her.  In the most harrowing parts of the film, I’d think “What would I do in that situation?”  And I found, for me, most of the time I would be throwing up.  Her character, Dr. Ryan Stone, did not have all that much “training” to be up in space… didn’t they say 6 months?  Maybe I mis-heard it, but 6 months is not all that long to me.  Considering all of the inconceivable things she went through during this space adventure, I’m sure she would’ve been stricken with PTSD of the worst kind by the time she managed to land and crawl up onto that beach at the end!  I would’ve NOT stood up, but clutched that beach, kissing the sand, for at least 2-3 hours.  And where did she end up, anyway?  She just struggles to stand and wobbles off – end of story.  Did she ever get anything to eat or drink?  Because she never did either, or pee either, that we know of, during the entire escapade.

I can’t imagine going through all of the catastrophes that she went through and surviving.  She had one REALLY BAD day that day!  I don’t know that I would’ve had the strength of her character.  It was interesting to watch for that reason alone, all of the “stuff” that poor woman went through.  You’d have to put me in a cage if I ever made it back to Earth.  But you’d never find me in space anyway… not even if Jean Luc Picard himself tried to lure me.  I’m afraid of heights.

Thanks for stopping by and checking me out.  Hope you have a blessed day.

TTFN ~ Tamara Eckstadt

2 thoughts on “Gravity ~

  1. In the theater, the sound was fine, dialog clear. I liked the movie, but I’m a Sandra Bullock fan. It did make me dizzy, watching on the big screen. As to her reactions, she did her panic times (they showed that), but remember, she was a scientist. Whole different animal, a scientist is. Kinda like an engineer is a whole different animal.

    • I did think about the fact that she was a scientist. Praise God for that! I like Sandra Bullock too. I think my favorite movie with her so far was “Speed”… a real oldie. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in such a dramatic role until this one. I couldn’t even imagine seeing it on a big screen! Oy vey!

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