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Let’s Go To The Movies

And thus starts a brand new year today.  I’m going to try to blog more reliably beginning this year, and I’m going to start with a critique of a local movie theater that we visited last night.

The “Township Tavern” located in the Township 5 Center in Camillus, NY, was perhaps the best experience I’ve ever had in my life in movie-going.  It was Al’s and my first time going to the Township Tavern, and, being the pessimistic person that I have always been, I didn’t expect much but crowds and discomfort.  But I’d heard good reviews from others, so I had to give it a try.


I pre-purchased our tickets online, which was done with ease and no confusion.  You get to pick your movie, and even the seats you want all from Fandango.  When you get to the theater, there’s a kiosk where you pick your ticket(s) up with a couple of touches of the screen, then you go in and go right to the entrance to the theaters.  The outer area has a complete bar and restaurant, and plenty of helpful staff everywhere.  You might need to really pay attention to where you are walking, though, because there are service staff hustling all around taking orders to movie-goers very quickly and efficiently.  It would be easy to knock into one, or they knock into you, because of a misstep.

Inside the theater is very roomy.  Seemed like there were many fewer seats, because the seats are roomy recliners that leave plenty of room for people to walk even when fully reclined.  Talk about comfort!  Way better than anything I have at home!  The recliners are upholstered in a leather-like fabric, and equipped with a little swiveling tray that can hold your food, or in my case, my purse.  There is a little push button on the tray that will summon a service person once pressed.  And the service staff was exceptionally attentive, fast, courteous and helpful.  Food and drinks (including alcohol) were ordered from a lengthy menu, and although a bit pricey, looked and smelled delish!  Let me just say one thing about the “priceyness” of the food/drinks…I think it’s well warranted given the awesome customer service provided, and the comfort feature of the theater.  However, Al and I were going out to dinner afterwards, so we did not order food, only a yummy blueberry/lemonade.  My knowledge of the food came from all the patrons around us who HAD ordered!  LOL!


One slightly negative thing I can say is that there was an incredible smell within the theater, thanks to all the various food items that can be ordered.  While we were there, it was an incessant wafting of garlic and vinegar that permeated the air and was distracting.  I was expecting the service staff to also be a distraction throughout the movie, but that was not the case.  I guess, once the movie started, patrons calmed down about their eating and just watched the movie, as there was minimal movement throughout the show.  We watched “Passengers”, by the way.  Loved it!  Oh, one other comment that could be negative… during some of the more intense parts of the movie when the music quelled, the entire auditorium vibrated.  More of a distraction than a bother.


All in all, the experience was terrific.  In fact, I’ve decided that I will not patronize any other theaters in the Syracuse, NY, area except Township Theater.  WAY surpasses Destiny USA.  A little more expensive, but SO worth it!

Happy New Year!

Thanks for visiting ~ Tamara