Cee’s Share Your World 2013: Week 35 ~

Have you ever bungee jumped?  If you haven’t, would you want to?  Never, ever!  I have a huge fear of heights, and just as much a fear of falling.  I might to into cardiac arrest just thinking about it!


For your computer Mac or Windows based computer?  Desktop, laptop, Pad or other?
I’ve never experienced anything but Windows.  I prefer a desktop, but would like to try an IPad for fun/personal use.

If you were instantly able to play one musical instrument perfectly that you never have played before, what would it be?
Definitely the piano.  I’ve always wanted to play, and actually purchased one about 8 years ago.  Somehow I thought that just because I’d purchased one, I’d be able to sit down and just magically play it.  Imagine my surprise when lessons were discussed.  Yeah, well, I sold the piano.  It DID look nice in my livingroom for about 5 years, though.


Describe yourself in at least four uplifting words.  Honest, empathetic, loving, trustworthy.

Thanks, Cee!  How about a picture from my way to work this morning? (unretouched and taken with my smartphone.

Wild mushrooms from Jordan, NY!  Or are they toadstools?  What's the difference?  They're interesting!

Wild mushrooms from Jordan, NY! Or are they toadstools? What’s the difference? They’re interesting!

Thanks for stopping by for a looksee!  See you next time.  TTFN ~ Tamara Eckstadt

Cee’s Share Your World 2013: Week 34~

I feel like I’ve been in a “Twilight Zone” episode, where have I been?  It’s Cee’s Week 34 and I’ve been gone since Week 28!  It seems like a lifetime ago since I’ve Shared my World!  Anyway, now’s a good a time as any to climb back on board and check out Cee’s questions for this week:

If you were to move and came fully furnished with everything you ever wanted, list at least three things from your old house you wish to retain? (assume all personal items; photos, books, animals, etc. go with you)  #1 would be my mother’s china cabinet.  It holds so many memories, not to mention that my father made it.  #2 would be a “Hoosier cabinet” that I had custom made for my husband 14 years ago, by my nephew-in-law.  Again, sentimental reasons.  and #3 would be two special trees from my front yard:  one, a King Crimson maple that my kids bought me for Mother’s Day several years ago, and the other my “Forgiven” red oak tree planted last year.  Guess you could call me a sentimental “sap”!

Is the glass half empty or half full? What is in the glass?  My glass is almost always half empty… I am a pessimist like my mother was.  I would kill for it to contain ice cold Pepsi, but I am no longer drinking SODA or anything carbonated, so I guess I’ll have to say flavored water would be in it.  Pfffft!

What calms you down?  Years ago I would’ve said medications, but I’ve mellowed out a lot in the past decade.  The best way to calm me down currently is by rubbing my feet bare feet.  Odd?  It goes back to my childhood.  For long term de-stressing, I need to take a vacation ~ minimum of 3-5 days alone, preferably in the mountains or the seashore ~ staying quiet and taking pictures.  Oh! and quilting!

What individual item of food would you not eat, even if it was served to you at the Queen/President’s dinner table?  That would be LIVER!  Gag and puke every time!  Though recently I discovered Greek yogurt has the same effect.  Liver topped with Greek yogurt would be the death of me!

Thanks for the interesting questions, Cee.  I’m glad to be back… if only in my own mind!  TTFN ~ Tamara Eckstadt

Cee’s Share Your World 2013: Week 28 ~

Wow!  I’m off the grid for just a week or so and I come back to Cee’s tough, thought-provoking questions in Share Your World!  Here we go:


Which of Snow White’s 7 dwarfs describes you best?  Plus what would the 8th dwarf’s name be? (Doc, Happy, Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Dopey)  I think I would best be described as Happy dwarf.  At least, most of the time.  My 8th dwarf would be “Kinky”… no, I will not elaborate.

Would you travel into outer space?  I’m pretty sure I would not travel into outer space, not unless I could be wrapped up in Capt Kirk’s arms tight and safe and sound (the “new” Kirk, Chris Pine).  I’m deathly afraid of heights and I think I would possibly get claustrophobic on anything other than the Enterprise.

If you were a tree, would you become a book or furniture?  Please describe.  I think I would want to be furniture.  I’m afraid, with all of the tablets and readers and electronic devices out there, books are going to become extinct.  That’s something I never want to have to worry about.  Unless the human race de-evolves into brain matter, we’re always going to need furniture to park our butts on.  Nothing like being wanted.


Which would you prefer:  a wild, turbulent life filled with joy, sorrow, passion, and adventure–intoxicating successes and stunning setbacks; or a contented bordering on happy, secure, predictable life surrounded by friends and family without such wide swings of fortune and mood?  I really have had my fill of adventure, intoxicating successes, but more likely stunning setbacks.  I’m liking “contented”, “secure”, “predictable” right now, and can’t get enough of my family.  I don’t need wide swings of fortune and mood anymore.  Keep me content and I’ll be your friend forever.

There you have it.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Thanks for stopping by for a looksee.  Until next time,  TTFN ~

     Tamara Eckstadt

Cee’s Share Your World 2013: Week 26

This week’s questions from Cee have got my stomach growling and my mind all about peanut butter!

Are you left or right handed?  Right handed.  My left hand is useless except on a keyboard.

Before making a phone call, do you ever rehearse what you are going to say? I never rehearse.  What you hear is what you get.  I do rehearse and even write down my outgoing voicemail messages though.  Especially the ones at work.

Crunchy Peanut Butter or Smooth Peanut butter?   Anything with your peanut butter?  Oh!  Ohhhh!  I haven’t had peanut butter in so long!  And reading Carol’s “Wanderings of An Elusive Mind” answers to this really stirred up some hunger cravings!  I liked crunchy when I was a kid, but then graduated to smooth and creamy.  Right now I’m imagining buttered toast with smooth Peter Pan Peanut Butter slathered across and topped with sliced bananas ~ an open-faced sandwich.

How many rings before you answer the phone?  My personal phone, once if I can answer it before the second ring.  I never answer to numbers that I don’t recognize.  Not even if they’re local rather than 800 or long distance numbers.  If it’s that important, they’ll leave a message.  At work, always on the first ring.

Before I go, I want to introduce you to my newest little grand-daughter, Riley Rose, who was born on July 10th.  This is Al’s and my 8th grandchild.  I know, right?  6 lbs 1 oz of beauty at birth.  Priceless!

Riley Rose

Riley Rose

Until next time, thanks for stopping by.  TTFN ~ Tamara Eckstadt

Cee’s Share Your World 2013: Week 25

Is it me, or did Cee’s questions suddenly take a serious turn to the serious ~ and difficult?!

 If you could choose between Wisdom and Luck, which one would you pick?

I don’t believe in “luck” ~ it’s all in God’s hands.  I’d choose wisdom anyway.  With wisdom, you create your own “luck”.

 What is success for me?

Success, for me, equates to personal happiness and growth.  I have recently achieved the most success ever in my personal life, and am reveling in it this summer!

 What is your biggest fear or phobia?

That my best friend, soul mate, love of my life, husband will die before I will.  He won’t, of course, because we have a “pact” about that.  I don’t want to have to find out whether or not I can go on in this life without him.  At this point, I’m sure I cannot.

 What physical attribute do you like about yourself?  Can be anywhere from beauty to heart to physical strength.

This is particularly hard!  I’ve always struggled with self-esteem issues, and have never considered myself physically attractive… although that is changing recently.  I like to think of myself as compassionate, and beauty lies within that.  I am a child of God, and I think beauty also emanates from that.

Thanks, Cee!  Until next time, TTFN ~ Tamara Eckstadt