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Made to Crave: Learning to Shop Anew at the End of Week #1 ~


Garden Peas 7-14-13

First peas from our garden. Delish!

I started on Monday, and here it is Saturday.  Week #1, though it had its moments, was relatively easy and I prayed myself through the rough times like when the hunger pangs got a little intense two hours before lunch.  It works well for me.

I have received plenty of eating healthier advice from everyone I love this week.  I got hints on some … “unusual” to me foods to try, and I want to try them all.  I’ve been to nutritionists (PLURAL) in the past, and my brain knows what to eat and what not to eat, it’s just putting that into practice that’s hard for me.  I would say to myself, “Self, this McD’s mocha frappe is a lot of calories.  But you can cut back by eating just lettuce at lunch and it’ll all be good.”  I have not eaten fast food all week!  A huge accomplishment for me!  Much like when I stopped drinking anything carbonated.  And, THIS TIME, it was not that hard!

But kale?  Al and I went and did some “preliminary” shopping the other night at our local Price Chopper, which has been good to us.  I knew some staples that I wanted to purchase:  tomatoes, blueberries, bananas, broccoli florets, green/red peppers.  The grocery store, being 8:30 on a Wednesday night, was relatively empty and easily navigated.  So, in the produce aisle, I sought out the kale that my niece enthusiastically uses in a type of smoothie along with flax seed and other delights.  Once found, I tore a tiny piece off to test taste.  Ewwwww!  Very bitter.  (She later confirmed it should be BABY kale!  LOL!)  We moved on.  Almond milk?  I was looking forward to trying this, as I adore almonds.  I compared calories:  Almond milk has 70 less calories per serving than cow’s milk.  Optimistic!  Price?  More than twice the price of cow’s milk.  Couldn’t justify that.  Besides, I only “drink” about 1 1/2 cups of ANY milk on any given day ~ and I have it with my cereal.  Otherwise, I do not have milk.  Compromise.

We ended up with 2 1/2 bags of groceries for $64.00.  I usually spend $64.00 for an entire week’s worth of groceries in six bags!  Only $6.34 of that was very lean, healthy meat.  Okay, I bought batteries for my camera ($5.99).  The rest was healthy fresh fruit and veggies.  I need a new strategy for shopping cheaper.

My eating healthier has been pretty much a success.  I’ve made a couple of oopses, but who doesn’t?  God forgives, and I get right back on the wagon for Him and for me!  I ate salads each day for lunch, and a couple nights for dinner.  Last night I ate a hot dog (no bread) and a cup of beans… then Al took us out for an ice cream cone for dessert.  I do not feel guilty.  It was a special treat, not to be done every night.

Just for fun, I got on the scale last night.  Now, I do know better than to weigh every day, or even every week ~ as if you don’t see progress, you’re bound to get depressed and perhaps backslide.  Well, my progress was TWO LBS. lost.  And, yes, I know it may falter and go up and down for awhile before I start to see some serious loss.  I’m doing fine… God’s on my side.

Until next time, thanks for helping keep me strong and headed towards my goals.  I’d love to hear from you, please feel free to leave feedback below or on my Facebook.  

TTFN ~ Tamara Eckstadt (two lbs lighter!  LOL!)