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Forgiven & Set Free ~ Introduction

Originally I had kept this F&SF subject matter in with my “Random Thoughts” category, but it has since taken on a life of its own.  So I created a F&SF category to house just my thoughts on my abortion experience and the Grace given to me by God to get through it to the “other side”.

I’m finding, as of this 12/12/12 writing, that the process didn’t end with my post-abortion Bible study, counseling and hours, weeks, months of insight and talking with friends about the subject.  Each day brings something new, something different to think about, to ponder.  As I’m going into the Christmas Season, new thoughts of my little boy, who would’ve been born the week prior to Christmas, had he been allowed to go to full term.

I cannot deny the sadness and regret I still feel on occasion, but for the most part it has been replaced with comfort and joy, and the knowledge that I will be with him some day once again.  Of that I am sure.  It is that that gives me some semblance of peace. 

So I will continue to post in this section of my blog as my thoughts merit.  Your thoughts and comments are welcome on this, or any other post on my blog.  And I thank you for your consideration.