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Sure Sign(s) of Spring ~


Yesterday was the warmest, sunniest day I’ve seen around here so far this year.  Even though the robins are back, as are the red wing blackbird and even the gold finches, I heard the most convincing sound that Spring is here in our neck of the woods that one could ever hear!  The vrroooom start of a British motorcycle!

Al spent the mid morning with the garage door open, and I could hear the tinking and misc sounds of tools at work ~ metal on metal, for the most part.  Then, sure enough, within a couple of hours, the first roar came to life as he cranked up the 1967 Royal Enfield Interceptor.  Those who don’t ride British don’t understand that it’s not like you can just go out and jump on a motorcycle after winter is officially over, and take off down the road.  Well, at least not MY husband!  It is a ritual of checking levels of this, cleaning that, testing the other and then comes the cleaning.  He wipes down every visible (and invisible) piece of chrome on the machine before  being satisfied enough to even just start it!  It’ll be another couple of weeks before he’s ready to proclaim it “road worthy”.

1967 Royal Enfield Interceptor ("pig bike")

1967 Royal Enfield Interceptor (“pig bike”)

A friend of Al’s had this bike, in pieces in a box mind you, sitting in his barn for 30+ years.  He wanted to sell it, so he offered it to Al, who ended up paying $300 for it.  Yes, it had been kept in their pig barn all this time, like I said, in a box!   My husband, the avid enthusiast, had great hopes for fixing it up and getting it running.  I knew if anyone COULD do it, he would be the one to make it happen.

Jammer investigates the new addition to our motorcycle "collection"

Jammer investigates the new addition to our motorcycle “collection”

Above you can see the bike initially as he kinda put it together to see what he had to deal with.  Our Golden Retriever was insulted.  But, that was 3? 4? years ago now.  Al was successful in the rebuilding of this classis machine.  He has since learned that it is quite probably worth several thousand dollars as it is rare, indeed.

1969 Triumph Bonneville

1969 Triumph Bonneville


Triumph Cub

Triumph Cub

Two other members of our motocycle family include Al’s 650 Triumph Bonneville and his Triumph Cub ~ both rebuilt and with custom paint jobs by my husband.  I have my motorcycle license, and have had bikes previously ~ a Kawasaki KZ 440 was my first, then a Triump Legend 900 and lastly a Yamaha Virago 535.  I’m not sure if I’ve given up riding, or am “between bikes” right now.  Time will tell.

Even though it takes time and especially attention away from me when Spring hits and he’s out in the garage with the bikes for hours and hours at a time, at least I know the seasons have truly changed when the garage roars out with British enthusiasm somewhere between March and April each year.  THAT’S my sure sign that Spring is in the air!

Until next time… TTFN ~ Tamara Eckstadt

Motorcycle Mayhem ~

On Saturday, May 19,2012, our motorcycle club hosted the second annual Eurobike Ride-In at Rudy’s Lakeside Restaurant on the shores of Lake Ontario in Oswego, New York.  Our club, the British Motorcycle Club of Central New York, has been in existence since 2001, and in 2007 my husband, Al Eckstadt, took over as President when Ron Salgado stepped down.  The club has participated in some rides, some shows and even promoted/organized some fundraiser rides to benefit local charities.

As you could guess, the club consists of British motorcycles, their owners, people who appreciate the British bike and wannabe’s.  Not wanting to appear “snobbish”, we also have many friends who ride European bikes of all types, and even a couple of Harley friends (but we don’t hold that against them!).  There is, however, something special about getting a bunch of  British and/or European motorcycles together and going out for a ride that really turns heads and gets fingers pointing.  Perhaps it’s the fact that they’re relatively uncommon in our Central New York area.

This was the first year that I’ve really gotten into photography, so I decided to really ratchet it up at our event.  I know, and keep in mind, that I’m barely a novice at this and I don’t have a camera with all the “bells and whistles”, but I have fun and I like to share my perspective in hopes that my photos will be enjoyed by other enthusiasts.

Rudy’s Lakeside Drive-In Restaurant
On the Shores of Great Lake Ontario
Oswego, NY

A few of the more than 80+ British motorcycles that attended Eurobike 2012.

Chrome and yellow! Mmmmm, yes, I like this one!

Full shot of yellow w/chrome pipes.

A lot of our friends ride/drive older bikes, as suggested by this attendee’s tee shirt.

It’s really all about COLOR for me!

For some, it’s all about being en Vogue.

Nice BMW decked out with all the trimmings.

This leaves little doubt as to who owns THIS bike! (Brett Simpson’s Thruxton)

Purple Haze! Not every bike was British, or even European! But everyone was welcome!

Another view of this purple beauty (I told you “it’s all about the color!”)

Club President’s (and my husband) 1969 Triumph Bonneville.

How about this BSA Rocket 3?

Once you “go Commando” you never go back!

Sweet Ducati!

Norton anyone?

Brett’s Triumph Thruxton 900

At the end of the event, it was estimated that over 100 motorcycles “made the scene” and enjoyed door prizes and discounts on Rudy’s food, among other things.  BMC CNY holds this event yearly at Rudy’s in Oswego, so look for us in 2013.  BMC CNY also attends several other events in Central New York, as well as Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.  Check out their website at www.bmccny.org, and they’re also on Facebook.