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Cee’s Share Your World 2013: Week 21 ~

Cee is back after a little sabbatical, and she’s right on target with Week 21 of Share Your World:

Do you prefer long hair or short hair for yourself?  That kinda depends on the seasons for me.  During the winter I prefer long hair, which keeps me warmer.  However, during the summer I prefer short hair, which is more manageable and cooler.  Much easier to swim with short hair.  At any rate, I keep my hair short now since I’m letting the gray grow out.

Did you grow up in a small or big town? Did you like it? I grew up in a small village.  It didn’t even rate being called a town.  We had one small family-owned store at “the four corners” of Plainville, NY, and a post office.  That was about it.  Did I like it?  Sometimes.  I hated being bussed 7 miles to school in freezing snow.  But I loved the privacy of having the nearest neighbor 5-6 acres away.  Hated not being able to go to a friend’s house without having my parents drive me, but loved the “country life”.  Especially loved being able to have horses in my teen years.

What as your favorite food as a child? Do you eat it now?  Loved hamburgers!  My parents would get so embarrassed if we’d go to a “fancy restaurant” for dinner and they’d order lobster or prime rib and I always had to have a hamburger.  Once they asked me if I’d “please try something else?” and so I ordered a cheeseburger!

Regarding outdoor temperature which would you prefer – Sunny and hot – Cool and Breezy – Cold and Snowy – Cloudy and Rain/Drizzle – Other?  Wow!  This is a tough question!  Of these choices, yikes, none of the above.  I prefer sunny and warm (not hot).  If I could live somewhere where the temps were a standard 78 degrees and sunny OR cloudy, I’d call that heaven!

Glad you’re back Cee!  Now I’ve just got to get to your Autumn Fun Foto Challenge!


Cee’s Share Your World 2013: Week 20 ~

Do you like winter, or not, and why?  I wouldn’t mind winter in the tropics!  However, these Central New York winters are so long and drawn out.  If we could just get it OVER with already!  BTW, we’re expecting FROST tonight!

Are you a listener or talker?  I am a listener, like Cee.  It’s not that I don’t like to talk, but I’ve found that people don’t seem to be as interested in me or hearing me tell my story.

What is your favorite juice or fruit drink?  No/low pulp orange juice.  For some very odd reason, I MUST have OJ whenever I eat eggs for breakfast.  Must’ve been something engrained in me since childhood.

What do you have to be so happy about?  Every day I spend upright is something to be happy about.  Today I am upright.  With God’s Grace, I will be tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by.  Until next time… TTFN ~ Tamara


Cee’s Share Your World 2013: Week 18 ~

What is your favorite animal?  That would have to be a horse, no doubt.  I’ve adored equines since I was old enough to know how soft their noses are.  When I was a teenager, my parents (mother) let me take riding lessons and within a year they (my father) indulged me and bought me my first (of three) horses.  I was in love.  They are incredibly beautiful, smart and loving animals!  Everyone should “experience” a horse at least once in their lives!

What is your favorite comfort snack food?  “Snack food” ~ hmmmm, that could mean so many different things!  So many choices.  I think my favorite thing would be just about anything chocolate… but preferably M & M’s.  I always prefer sweet over salt if the combination of the two is impossible.

What subject would you like to study in depth, if given the time to do so?  I’ve always been fascinated with the Renaissance period of history, specifically King Henry VIII and the Tudor period.  Strange mixture of romance vs brutality there. 

What object do you always have with you when traveling and why?  There are two requirements to my traveling:  my camera must be in my lap, and strong pain medication in my purse.  The camera is an obvious choice.  The pain meds are for my back, which provides me constant pain.  One gets used to living with pain every day of your life, but it’s the varying degrees that you must be prepared for.

Thanks, again, Cee for this week’s “getting to know you” post!

Cee’s Share Your World 2013: Week 16 ~

And what are this week’s introspective questions, Cee?

Are you awake before dawn?  Or are you awake before noon? ~ Well, I wake up at 6:00 a.m. and hit the Snooze button for 15 more minutes.  After that 15 minutes, I hit Snooze again… then just one more time before I have to get up and get ready for work at around 7:00.  I am, however, a “morning person”.  If need be, I can get up at the butt crack of dawn and be ready to go!

Are you usually late, early, or right on time?  At a minimum, I’m always on time, but usually early.  I don’t “wait for things” well.

For your potato chips do you prefer ridged or flat ones?  Flat ones, unless I’m planning to dip them in something… then rigid.  What an amusing question!

If you could inherit a vacation home anywhere in the world in which you could spend two months a year, where would it be?  This is a really tough one!  I absolutely adore the tropics and would love to spend long periods of time there doing nothing but enjoying the beach.  But I’ve always had a “thing” for my heritage of Germany, and have always wanted to go there and spend ample time.  Okay, if I HAVE to choose, I’m thinking Tahiti… where I could LOOK at pictures of Germany or visit Germany via the web.  Mmmmm, don’t look now, but I think I’m already there!

Thanks for your imaginative questions this week, Cee!

Cee’s Share Your World: Week 14 & 15 ~

What’s Cee got in store for us this time? Well, two weeks into one, for one thing! Cee, have a good time at the beach next week. Here’s my answers to Weeks 14 & 15:

If a movie was made based on your life, what actor/actress would play you? Funny as this may sound, but I could see Kathy Bates playing me.   I loved her in “Harry’s Law” on t.v.  She’s got a great sense of humor, but she’s also not afraid to kick some ass, if need be.


Kathy Bates

Kathy Bates

Show us a couple of your favorites photographs? If you are not a photographer, think of a favorite scene in your life and tell us about them.   Below are a couple of my favorites.  The train on the left was one of the most exciting I’ve ever taken, as it was only moments from hitting me and I almost got knocked over by the caution arm coming down behind me when I didn’t know it.  The photo on the right of a kayaker on Long Lake in the Adirondack Mountains is another favorite.  The evergreens that flank left and right, and all of the fully displayed fall colors of the trees straight ahead… it must’ve been quite the view from the kayaker’s perspective!

A CSX freight train heads right for me

A CSX freight train heads right for me

A lone canoist on the water in Long Lake, New York







What do you like most about home?  It’s mine… well, ours.  I love the house and the property.  But the house is just the right size for me and Al.  Three bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, kitchen, diningroom, familyroom and livingroom.  No basement to have to worry about traversing stairs, but we do have an unfinished attic for storage.  The front and rear decks were both hand made by my husband.  That fact, alone, I treasure.  I also love that he and I collaborated on the floor plan and made it our own.  It’s the foundation of the two of us.

Week 15 ~

What is one of your quirky traits?  Only one?  That’s a tough one!  I have so many!  Perhaps the fact that when I drive, I must drive “between the lines”.  I’m Ms. “Middle of the Road”.  I can’t take my corner short, and I have to turn at right angles.  I know!  I know!  I can’t get myself to take my car over a painted traffic line… unless, of course, it’s a passing zone where it’s ok to go over a line or two.  You did ask for quirky!

What has surprised you about blogging?  How much I enjoy it and it’s becoming addicting.  Not to mention the endless amount of challenges and awards etc. that are out there!  It is a world within the world!  I love the photography blogs, as I’m learning so much and it’s an opportunity to see what else is out there across the world through photography.  Yeah, National Geographic can pretty much take care of that, but this is a personal side that others see and create.  It’s a way to live vicariously.

Which do you prefer sweet or salty?  Or both at the same time?  Probably both at the same time, usually.  Or maybe in close proximity.  Potato chips followed by a Milky Way.  That’s just sinful!   🙂

Time to call it a night, Cee.  Thank you, again, for your thought-provoking questions.  Until next time… TTFN ~ Tamara Eckstadt