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Sew What?

I have not blogged in almost two months, a record for me.  I also haven’t taken any “serious” photographs in at least that long.  For awhile I thought I’d lost “it”, that inspiration that has been sending me out all over several counties to find interesting things to photograph and share.  While I’ve since discovered I still  have “it”, I’ve realized that “it” isn’t on my top list of priorities anymore.  And there just isn’t THAT MUCH around where I live that’s interesting to photograph, or that hasn’t already been done over and over by someone else in the area.  How many times can you take a shot of a waterfall, or water, or a lake or a pond?  And while there are many seasonal things going on locally to photograph, I think I did them all last year.  And I haven’t even gotten to the part where my camera has been taking some pretty awful shots for the past few months.  And, no, it’s not the photographer!

So, putting the camera on the shelf for awhile, I’ve gone back to my sewing room as my creativity outlet for awhile.  Quilting gives me more long-lasting satisfaction anyways, so I’m happy to be back after a month’s absence.  I was working on my “Pure Decadence” quilt, and actually have it all sandwiched and ready to start quilting it, but Christmas interrupted my intentions.  I needed our immense diningroom table that I had been using to sandwich the quilt for Christmas present wrapping.  So the quilt got put on a back burner until after the holidays.

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For awhile I was making fabric Christmas gift bags, sew easy!  I found a pattern online and I just loved it.  Not only can you make them for Christmas, but also any other occasion you can imagine for which you might need a gift bag.

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And I remembered I had a small quilt project started!  It was one where I had found this beautiful fabric while looking for something else, and I decided I really wanted to work with it to make something special.  At the time, I didn’t know what that “special” thing was going to be, as I was completely uninspired.  But having been working on this simple little Nine-Patch quilt top for a month or so now, I have finally decided who is going to get it and that it is going to be a Spring 2014 surprise for someone special.

Spring Surprise 2014

Spring Surprise 2014


Meantime, I have been cuddling up with my pink quilt very often lately, especially while watching t.v. in the family room.  I’ve been thinking that, although I create a lot of “theme” quilts etc., I’ve never really made a “seasonal” quilt.  And I want to make something “Christmassy” for winter cuddling during the holidays.  There has been a particular Christmas quilt in my “Keepsake Quilting” catalog that I have been wishing for for about 2-3 years now.  I’ve never purchased a “kit” before, but I really, really want to give this a try.  So, I may splurge and get this for myself after Christmas.

Christmas quilt kit from "Keepsake Quilting"

Christmas quilt kit from “Keepsake Quilting”

The hardest part will be keeping it for myself.  I always want to keep giving my creations away!  I can think of several special people that would enjoy this quilt as a 2014 Christmas gift!  However, at this time next year, I will be soundly sleeping through several afternoon  t.v. shows in my family room cuddled up with this finished quilt!   Until then, I will continue to work diligently on my “Spring Surprise” quilt and will keep you posted.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a looksee.  Until next time, TTFN ~ Tamara Eckstadt


Pure Decadence… Add Caramel ~

Caramel Border for my Pure Decadence Quilt

Caramel Border for my Pure Decadence Quilt

I’m absolutely tickled pink that I finally managed to find the border color for my “Pure Decadence” quilt that I started several months ago.  It’s the hardest part of quilting, for me, matching colors!  Unless I buy my fabrics in a pre-arranged “bundle” that match, I’m usually lost for several weeks… as in this case.

I had the inside of the top complete, but when it came to choosing the borders, I couldn’t decide on where to even start!  I consulted Al, and we both discussed the “theme” of decadence (as in chocolate), and he thought something caramel colored would be appropriate.  Okay, so “caramel” ~ that could range from brown to orange to yellow.  I’ve been hunting in stores and online for several weeks.  I found some gorgeous fabric on Fabric.com that looked like melted chocolate, and it would’ve probably been perfect, but I’m wary about purchasing fabric that I haven’t touched.  I have purchased from Fabric.com before, and have always been very pleased with their prices and their quality.  But, this time it’s special.  Don’t ask me why.  Maybe because it’s so personal.  Chocolate is my “comfort”.  It makes everything right again.  So, this quilt that will be going in my bedroom on my bed needs to reflect that comfort ~ even in the border.

Pure Decadence quilt top pieces ~ making progress!

Pure Decadence quilt top pieces ~ making progress!

So, I will be using this caramel-colored fabric for the first border… just the first of probably 3 or 4 borders.  I found this gorgeous fabric at a local quilt shop, Mission Rose Quiltery, in North Syracuse.  It will encompass the entire perimeter of the top pictured above, around 4-6″ in width, I think.  After that, I will revert back to the fabrics that built the center, and use those colors for more borders.  I’m thinking, after the caramel, that pretty dark brown would look magnificent.  And then take it lighter and lighter from there.

However, this will most likely be an entire summer-long project, as I have one current paid project to finish for a friend, then baby quilts!  I’m expecting our 8th grandchild ~ a little girl ~ in July… that will require at least 2 quilts and several receiving blankets.  Then, I’m planning two twin size quilts for my twin grandchildren that will be visiting us from Alaska this Christmas!  So much to do!  So much fabric to buy!

This is my joy… my bliss. 

I’d love for you to share yours, please feel free to leave a reply.

Until next time, TTFN ~ Tamara Eckstadt