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Pure Decadence ~

(updated 12-29-12 w/new photo)

I’m not one to “name” my quilts, usually, but this time I think I’ll make an exception.  I made my “pink quilt” a few months ago as a snuggle/comfort piece just for me when I watch t.v. in the family room at night or on cold winter weekends.  Somehow, it ended up on our queen sized bed, and I am still often left out in the cold in the family room.  I quickly realized that I would need to make a replacement for our bed if I am to have my pink quilt to myself as planned.  I really liked the pattern of the pink quilt, so I decided to make the replacement of the same pattern, but a different color combination.  Our bedroom is mostly of brown/beige hues, so that’s the way I went with it.  Little did I know that during the process of making this new replacement quilt of brown hues, that I would encounter such distraction as I have.

Decadent quilt ipiccy 

decadent quilt 2 ipiccy

Mind you, I’m used to working with “theme quilts”, as I’ve made many.  There’s the “goth” one I made for my son filled with red, black and white skulls and assorted such; then my big “country/farm animals” one with mostly chickens and roosters as well as kernels of corn and barn siding fabric; I made an EMS (Emergency Medical Services) quilt for a fundraising raffle; and, of course, my pink quilt, among others.  However, nothing prepared me for the thoughts that would run through my mind as I pieced together this new quilt!  Does it remind you of anything?  My thoughts immediately wander to Milky Way or Snickers candy bars.  Or how about Kahlua or Bailey’s Irish Cream?  Perhaps dark Hershey’s chocolate is more your thing?  Maybe coffee ice cream with caramel drizzled and whipped cream?

Yep, this is my “decadent quilt”, and it’s going to be a long project!


brians quilt 2

Brian’s “goth” quilt

EMS raffle quilt

EMS raffle quilt

Country quilt


Update – 12-29-12

I finally got all of the squares for the top of the “Pure Decadence” quilt created, I’ll be sewing them together this afternoon.  I’ll also be shopping for the border(s) fabric and then working on that this evening/tomorrow.  I just “might” have the entire TOP done before New Years! 

Pure Decadence quilt top pieces ~ making progress!

Pure Decadence quilt top pieces ~ making progress!