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The “Easy Way Out”?

I’ve been on this journey towards weight loss all of my life.  I’ve been on the journey towards bariatric surgery for six months.  I know others who has experienced it, I’ve talked to people on Facebook and even joined some bariatric weight loss surgery support groups online and locally.  I feel pretty well-educated and informed on most positives and negatives relating to bariatric surgery.

Many, many post-op patients have commented the same revelation over and over:  when they share the news of their surgery decision and experience, the person they tell (usually a good friend or family) comes back with “What?  You took the easy way out?”  And with that disrespectful and awful statement, they often crush the patient’s dreams and ambitions to lose weight and move towards being healthy.  With just that one statement they also show their own ignorance

So, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the “ease” it takes to have bariatric surgery, and live the completely new life afterwards, let me give you a quick taste of what it’s like.

Before ever going under the knife, you need to find out if your insurance will pay for such a surgery, and what part they will play.  If you don’t have insurance or money in the bank, you may opt to head to Mexico to have it done – reportedly less expensive by thousands of dollars.  Then you need to find an accredited bariatric surgeon in your area – they most often come as a “group” with their own nutritionist, psychiatrist, labs, access to special testing.  It’s an all-in-one adventure if you’re lucky.  Don’t forget to find out if they accept your insurance… or back to Square One.

Got your doctor in mind?  Go to one of his/her info-sessions, and once you decide, the process begins.  Now, the process can take anywhere from three or four months to over a year, depending on what state or country you live in.  For those in countries with unified health care, it’s usually well over a year of waiting.  Typically it’s around 6-8 months from info-session to recovery room.  Again, different states/countries have different results.  You will be asked to see a nutritionist multiple times, a psychiatrist multiple times, extensive blood work, an endoscopy, a cardiologist,  and possibly be tested for sleep apnea, go to required surgery support group meetings and several visits just to the surgeon.  You need to have your primary care physician’s clearance and approval in writing that they support this choice.  Chances are good that you will also be required to lose some weight “on your own” prior to surgery – some insurance companies require it, some surgeons require it.  Once you jump through all of these hoops, the surgeon’s office will submit your paperwork to the insurance company.  Then the wait begins for the approval… usually takes 3-4 weeks.

Once approved, more tests, pre-op education and surgeon visits as well as nutritionist visits.  The insurance company may give you a “window” of 2-4 weeks to get everything wrapped up and the surgery DONE.  If you can’t accomplish all in that time span, you start over.  But usually you are good to go, and you feel elated that it’s finally going to happen.  It didn’t seem real until approval was received and the final hurdles scheduled.

Still think this is the “easy way out”?  More to come in my next post.

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Full Steam Ahead

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on my blog.  I’m going to try to fix that and begin posting regularly.  I’ve been on this weight loss journey since las December 2017, and it has now become “real”.  First, let me say that I’ve lost 66 pounds on the Keto diet since then, and it’s working.  That has been an exciting realization for me.  It has not been without its difficulties, believe me, but I muddle through and take the bad with the good.

The good is that with the weight loss, I’ve also lost clothing sizes.  I’m down from a 26-28-30 to a 24-26.  I also notice that I can now “do things” that I haven’t been able to in such a long time… like touch my toes!  I can stand and/or walk more than before on days that the arthritis isn’t ravaging my legs and feet with pain.  One odd, noticeable thing is that I don’t see any change in myself in the mirror.  I know I must look different, 66 lbs is a lot of weight loss, but I cannot see it.  When I look in the mirror, I see the same fat face, bulging cheeks and triple chins that I’ve always seen.  Yet, my husband says there is a noticeable difference all over.  I think that’s the only “bad part” about the journey so far.  Well, that and not being able to just eat anything I happen to pick up.  I have to be very conscious about what I buy for groceries, what I eat for each meal, and very careful about what I do/don’t eat.  It’s been hard, and I have given in here and there ~ a little ice cream before bed, a slice of rye toast with my eggs a couple times a week, the soda (diet/sugar free).  All that has to go again, starting now.  Even though I have still continued to lose weight with those no-no’s.

Tammy 8-20-17 (3) ipiccy

So, I have been going through the motions to have bariatric weight loss surgery.  Yes, I’m losing weight through diet, but not fast enough.  My knees, legs and feet are giving out rapidly.  I need to lose the weight so I can walk better without so much pain, and then maybe have knee replacement surgery later.  But it needs to happen faster.  So I went to an info session at a local hospital in February and decided to pursue WLS (weight loss surgery).

It is an intensive and expensive endeavor.  Fortunately for me, my insurance covers a good deal of the expense.  The process to even get approved is approximately six months filled with appointments and group sessions.  I’ve met twice with my surgeon, so far… a nutritionist, a psychiatrist, my cardiologist, had tons of labs, and endoscopy, gone to support group meetings, and there is more to come.

My husband, Al, is right there beside me backing me up and being supportive.  That in itself is motivation enough.  Yesterday I received the approval from my insurance company to go ahead with the surgery.  As they say, “It just got real.”  Am I ready for it?  I can say, yes, I’m ready ~ but honestly, I’m scared as hell.  This is not something to take lightly, and it effects your life – your entire life – for the rest of your life.  More to come…

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Blessings ~  Tamara

Love/Hate Relationship ~

I hate food.  I seriously, really hate it.  You might ask, how can someone so fat hate food?  Well, I can hate it, but I still have to have it to live.  If only it weren’t that way at all.  I hate how it makes me feel, and I hate that it’s my own fault that it makes me feel that way.  It all comes back to me, and I acknowledge that.

When my siblings and I were kids, my Mom was an awesome cook.  We were made sure to have three meals a day, two of which were usually home cooked.  Don’t forget to add on those after school snacks, and the ice cream or pop corn before bed.  And no, we did not eat either healthy portions or healthy foods.  And I’ve always been “large” – yeah, that means fat.  Always.

Now, since I’ve become “aware” that I hate how fat I am, I hate how I look and I would love to feel better about myself by losing weight, I’ve examined every possible reason for WHY I am so overweight.  I’m thinking if I can understand the reason why, I can change my lifestyle and get some weight loss going on here.  I’ve come down to the conclusion that I just plain and simple love the taste of it.  If it were socially acceptable to eat a meal, chew it up and spit it out rather than swallow it, that would be my Utopia.  I have very strong taste buds, and they are a source of great pleasure for me.

I have tried, over and over, even very recently, to change my lifestyle, my way of eating and my food choices… and it works, for awhile.  I cannot maintain that for very long.  Let’s face it, a breakfast sandwich and Frappe from McD’s is a whole lot better tasting than a bowl of oatmeal and an apple or banana.  Even if it fills me to the extent that it makes me feel like absolute crap afterwards.  I’ve proven I can lose the weight if I can eat right.  I have not yet proven that I can maintain eating right of my own free will.  I’ve tried to tempt myself with nice clothing, with “do it for Al”, “do it for yourself”, “do it for your grandchildren”, “do it for God”!  I cannot get myself on board for any length of time.

I found myself feeling like an absolute blimp at lunch today after eating a KFC “bowl” and a McD’s medium Frappe.  I STILL feel awful, and I will not want to eat dinner with my husband as a family.  But, I will, because that’s what families “do”.  I felt full at lunch after eating only about 1/3 of the bowl, but I kept going.  This little voice in my head kept saying “Finish your plate.  There are people starving in Africa.”  I looked at my bowl and could not get myself to throw it away!  And now I’m paying the price with discomfort.  Serves me right!

Did I tell you that in 1988 I had my stomach stapled?  It worked so well, but was not without its nightmares!  Even today, I have a very small capacity for food in my stomach.  A half sandwich will do me fine for lunch.  A small bowl of cereal for breakfast is great, and one hotdog (no bread) and 3-4 fries is all I need to be full for dinner.  But still I choose to overeat.  Is it truly a flavor addiction?  I wonder.

After I first had my surgery, it took me months/years to “learn” how to re-eat so I didn’t make myself sick.  Not sure I ever really did get that down (so to speak).  I vividly remember eating the “wrong thing” more often than not, and spending hours, sleepless nights even, vomiting or wanting to vomit but being unable to.  You see, I’d rather die than vomit.  In fact, to me, vomiting is the closest thing to death without actually dying.  So, in many ways, I simply refused to allow myself to when it probably would’ve made me feel better in the long run.  And, back in the 80’s, we did not have “support groups” for fat surgery.  Even so, I did lose weight.  I lost 30 lbs before I ever left the hospital.  Then I continued to lose through the 80’s and 90’s and it was GR8!  Overall, I think I lost about 98-99 lbs before it leveled off and I began to gain again.  I learned that eating junk food digested easier, tasted better and made me feel better.

It was a tough road, and it took a long time, but I finally gained back all the weight I’d lost and a little more!  Success!!  ???  That’s where I am today.  Sitting here approximately 5-6″ from my desk because my ample belly is in the way from me reaching my desk.  That ample belly that I know is the greatest risk of me dying sooner rather than later.  What’s it going to take before I finally hit rock bottom and decide I need to start losing (again) and maintain it?!  A heart attack?  And someone needs to have a serious discussion with my enabling husband.  I have had such a discussion many times, but he does not maintain it either.  He brings me chocolate, ice cream before bed, soda…  I’m not blaming him, as he does it out of love and wanting to please me.  I have, in the past, begged him not to capitulate to my food whims.  Neither of us maintains.  Sometimes I look at him like he’s a saboteur, then feel bad.  He has this “way” of guilting me into eating, even if I am full and don’t want to!  At dinner, “Aren’t you going to eat something?”  “Aren’t you going to eat with me?”  Eating is always  a social event to him.  We go to visit his mom, we must eat and eat big (she used to be, but no longer, a gourmet cook).  I’d try to nibble just a little of each thing, but was always pushed by his family for not eating enough.  He never did speak up for me, even knowing I could potentially spend the entire 2 1/2 hr ride home sicker than a dog.

More food for thought?  Recently there were two incidents that happened that really brought it to the forefront, once more.  Shopping at Lane Bryant at Destiny USA – cause that’s the only “fat store” locally that might have something pretty for Valentine’s Day, I was browsing in the lingerie department cause I’m “older” but I ain’t dead.  I just wanted something new and pretty for our special V Day weekend.  A customer service person approached me and asked if she could help.  I explained I was looking for something special for Valentine’s Day and she actually took me my the arm and redirected me away from the pretty, sexy things to the frumpy, cotton, tee shirt type crap!  She said “Oh, we have something just right for you right over here.”  I left informed, not insulted.

The second recent eye opener was literally an eye opener.  I was going through our 2013 vacation photos and came across several Al had taken of me, and I gave them a thorough examination.  I was simply aghast.  I had no idea that I was that big!  You know how you have a certiain idea of what you look like to others?  I was duped.  I didn’t look “that bad” in the bathroom mirror, which is quite large.  Holy cow!  Meant literally, or something more like a pinniped (seal).  It embarrassed me to myself.  A couple months ago I was thinking I was a pretty beautiful woman, but this was NOT beautiful!  I just kind of stared at some of the photos of myself for a few minutes, burning the memory into my mind so as to give me momentum to maintain once again.

So, here I am.  This is, essentially, a vent.  It’s one of those “ate too much at lunch, feel like crap and wanna puke” vents.  I’ve never been this honest about this aspect of my life, but here it is.  This is my life.  Where am I going from here?  Well, I’m not going to give up!  I’m going to go home and have yet another talk with my enabler husband, shop for better foods (fresh fruits/veggies) and get back on the wagon yet again.  Dinner tonight?  I doubt it.  Lunch today will last me clear into tomorrow mid-morning.  “Sorry Honey, eating by yourself tonight.  I’m going to work on my quilt, I’m not hungry!” 

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.  TTFN – Tamara Eckstadt

Made to Crave: Subtle Changes ~

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.  (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18    Thought for the Day:  I can’t control my circumstances, but I can control my choices.  Setting mini goals – physically and spiritually – positions me for victory. ”  ~ From Made to Crave Devotional by Lysa TerKeurst

I really felt a need to start today’s post with a Bible verse, but couldn’t decide which one.  When I took up my Devotional and began flipping through it for some ideas, I was inundated with all the appropriate things I wanted to say.  So I had to choose.



I’ve said before that I know we’re (those of us trying to lose weight) not supposed to weigh ourselves every day because when you don’t see weight loss on the scale it’s very discouraging and can thwart your efforts to continue to your goal(s).  However, I just can’t resist hopping on my Weight Watchers digital scale about every other morning to see what, if any, progress I’ve made.  And I never really anticipate seeing anything different than what I saw the day before, but that has not been the case for me.  As of this morning, I’ve lost 9 pounds since beginning this journey on July 15th.  From 326 to 317.  That’s 9, right?  I just stopped and stared at the scale for about 10 seconds.  This done with only changing the way I eat and the content of my food, as well as prayer.  I have yet to begin to exercise.

Although it might not be noticeable yet physically to others, but I’m beginning to see some subtle changes … mostly in clothing.  Things just are fitting the way they used to just a short time ago.  I’m seeing some bagginess here and there.  Admittedly, it’s a bit unnerving.  I have been down this road before many, many times with little to only short-term success and I’ve gained back whatever I’ve lost and more.  So I guess this wardrobe of fat has been a comfort zone for me sort of, it’s all I’ve known all of my life.  Now that’s changing, and changing for real.  Can I really lose weight and get down to a size that I can buy “off the rack” rather than from the online fat stores?  Is this even possible?  Apparently it is, and with God’s help, I’m going to actually realize some goals here!  And I’m going to have to get used to a NEW comfort zone.  Wow!  this is really going to happen this time!  Watch out Macy’s, I’m coming for you!

Until next time, thanks for stopping in and checking my progress out!  TTFN ~ Tamara Eckstadt













Made to Crave: Clothing Optional ~

Today I received three catalogs in the mail for clothing… fat clothing. Normally I would be excited looking at what’s on clearance (already) from their summer stock, but loathing that they’re advertising their fall/winter wear already! I took the stack, as I normally do, and cuddled up in my loveseat/recliner (my comfort zone) and proceeded to look through to see what, if anything, I could even afford. You see, I cannot purchase the majority of my clothes at WalMart, Macy’s or any “over the counter” clothing store. They who claim to carry “fuller figure” styles are kidding themselves. But they aren’t kidding me. I outgrew those sizes in the mid to late 80’s. I do shop at Catherine’s on occasion, if I’m desperate for something I can’t wait to come via USPS from one of the fat clothing stores.

Another “advantage” from buying online or from a catalog is that you can’t try them on. You purchase your item(s), pay to have them shipped only to find out that they don’t fit ~ one way or another. Too short, too tight, too long, just barely too tight but will shrink when I wash it, makes my arms look too fat, doesn’t hide my belly enough. Then you have to ship it back and either exchange it or get a refund… and you pay for that shipping too. So by the time you’re through, you’re into this $59.99 pair of crappy jeans for at least $21.99 for shipping alone.

“Making It Big” ~ my favorite catalog store. Yep, they make them big… up to 8 XL. I’m not there yet, but I WAS well on my way. I love Making It Big’s clothing, just not their prices. Your typical dress that I would wear to work is around $125.00. The tops in these photos are also $85+… for a flipping top! I can no longer afford to wear “nice” stuff to work, or at home either. This has to end!

Fall Fashion Preview - Shop Now!

Now for a lifestyle update: The weekend was a little tough for me. I’m still learning what to buy, how to prepare healthy meals (and actually DOING it!) and how to curb my increasing hunger pangs. But it’s working! I went to an appreciation dinner on Sunday held by my church for church volunteers (of which I am one). It was at a nice, lakeside restaurant (Borio’s on Oneida Lake), and I was concerned about what I would/could eat without compromising my goals. I did good. I had a good sized portion of greens salad with a drizzle of dressing, and then I put that bowl of salad right on my plate as I continued down the buffet line picking foods. I took ONE small meatball, TWO pcs of Penne pasta, about a teaspoon of some gelatin/marshmallow salad, and a slice of Italian bread with no butter. I made it look to others like I had a lot, so “that conversation” wouldn’t come up. You know the one: “you’re hardly eating anything! Have some more …. ” whatever. No, I didn’t WANT any more. And I also passed on the dessert of cake and ice cream (“there’s plenty more, help yourselves” Pastor said). I drank lemonade. It was “enough”. And I was full ~ for about 3 hrs. But the test of cake and ice cream was H-A-R-D and I almost failed. But I stood my ground and watched my husband and other table-mates eat theirs ~ I even said “no” when Al offered me “just a taste” several times! Geez, Al!

I totally missed telling you the POINT to this post! I ended up putting the catalogs in the recycling bin. Why would I buy these fat clothes knowing that, perhaps by winter, I won’t even fit in any of them? All clothes shopping is officially on hold for now.

My niece, Lisa’s “fancy shoes”.

One of the wonderful “side-effects” of the weight loss I’m anticipating would be to be able to wear clothing that I like for a change… and not just what fits me. Above is a photo that my niece, Lisa, took to show her family what she was wearing out for a fancy date with her beau. I want to wear things like this. I love color, patterns, bling. This is my goal. Watch out, Lisa, I’m coming for these shoes! Are they size 7?

Thank you, whoever you are, for reading my progress and lending support. By the way, and I have no intentions of weighing myself so often, but just for fun I got on the scale again this afternoon. I lost one more pound ~ for a total of three in seven days. Don’t think of this as “bragging”, I won’t officially BRAG until I’m down about 15 lbs. Until then, I will quietly watch the scale and revel in whatever it tells me. I know, even if I gain a pound or two back, this is my journey, and I will prevail!

Until next time, TTFN ~ Tamara Eckstadt