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July 27, 2017; Journal Entry 2: Eat Clean ~

I guess the term “eat clean” is the mantra for those (of us) who are trying to get healthier, lose weight, and live (not a “better life”) up to our potential. I haven’t researched all that is involved in this journey yet, it’s going to take awhile to take it all in. Besides, Al reminded me that Dr. M doesn’t want me to change my eating habits just yet. He wants me to be “raw” (in my natural state of gut health) for when I get all of this blood work done that he has requested. That’s next month. He said after he sees the results, THEN “we’ll talk”! He said he is going to teach me how to read carbs (and avoid them), sugars, fructose ~ I sure hope he teaches me how to replace them with stuff that tastes good! Regardless, there is plenty of information out here on the web just for the asking. And I already have several/many friends who are supportive and willing to help. One particularly special lady in one of my quilt groups has requested to be my partner in my endeavor! I almost cried! We’ve exchanged phone numbers and will keep in touch with each other throughout the journey. One of my goals is to lose enough weight to be able to fly down to see her next year (she’s in Florida). No, I won’t fly like “this”. Massively obese and unhealthy. I filled the dishwasher yesterday and had to take a shower afterwards as I’d broken out into a soaking sweat. Then, drying myself from the shower made me all sweaty again. No, I want to go to Florida and not be ashamed to wear shorts, or even a bathing suit, or sleeveless shirt or tank top.

Anyway, the research begins. Mostly, I need to find good, clean alternatives to the crap I’ve been eating ~ and it’s gotta taste good. Flavor is my downfall. Can’t they make a nice, dark lettuce that tastes like a potato chip? Is that asking too much? I’m not kidding myself, this is going to be tough. I’ve been craving carbonation all day so far. Soda will be the hardest thing for me to give up… but I am determined. I want so hard to make this work this time. No tricks, no special pills ~ just healthy eating and bring in some exercise and I’ll get there. I HAVE to.

Input is very welcome in the comments. Know of a good, healthy recipe? I have an awesome Ninja blender that could make rocks into a smoothy. What’s yummy?

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Blessings ~ Tamara

July 26, 2017; Journal Entry 1 ~

Well, this is the first day of the rest of my life, yesterday is behind me and I have many more years ahead of me.

For the past several years, and even moreso the past 5-6 months, I thought I had hypothyroid. I seriously had what seemed to be all the symptoms. My primary care doctor diagnosed it and was treating me for it, and I’ve trusted her and her predecessor for 19 years now. But, with the onset of such awful symptoms as fatigue, confusion, memory loss and all the others, I felt I needed more help, so I sought out a endocrinologist and met with him for the first time yesterday.

Admittedly, I was not too impressed at first, but Al (who agreed to come with me) and I gave Dr. M the benefit of the doubt and listened to him. The first thing he said was that I do NOT have hypothyroid. I was rather taken aback. It was a long discussion, over 1 1/2 hours. Dr. M decided that I am “pre-diabetic”, and explained exactly why in a language that we could understand. This man was NOT condescending like many physicians. He explained that it is all of the medications I am currently on that were causing the symptoms I was having. Well, I’m still not so sure about that, but he came forward with a “plan” to help me feel better, and get into better health. He also wants to wean me off of most of my meds and replace them with vitamins, a supplement of super-probiotics to help my gut health, and get me to eating the RIGHT foods that will make me feel better and lose weight. Well, THAT sounds logical! And it’s the closest any physician has come to being absolutely real with me. Even my own PCP. We went and got the super-probiotics last night, but still need Vitamin B12 and CoQ10, I’m already taking Vitamin D.

So Al and I talked about this new “regimen” at length last evening, and we both feel Dr. M has my best interests and my best health at heart, and I’m going to go ahead and see where this leads. First thing Dr. M said was “NO SODA”! So I had Al take the 4 Pepsi’s I had in the fridge and get them out of here. I’ve been drinking flavored water since last night. Not particularly satisfying, but better for me. Al and I had hefty salads last night for dinner, with a hint of cooked chicken chopped up into it. A drizzle of salad dressing. And NO ice cream before bed! Off to a good start, I’d say.

Today, Wednesday, 7-26-17, has been the beginning of the real test. I’m alone at home all this week on vacation. Temptation is pretty much everywhere, but I’ve done good. I ate a bowl of Special K w/strawberries with a banana cut up on it for breakfast. I ate a pint of blueberries for lunch. Yes, I pint! I adore blueberries and I just kept nibbling on them while I was on Facebook and then they were gone! That’s not a bad thing… blueberries have antioxidants and are good for you. So I’m happy for today so far. I’ve been “exercising” by doing laundry, dishes, vacuuming etc., but at some point down the road, when I get my energy back, Dr. M is going to discuss exercise… ones that I can actually do. For now, he doesn’t want me to change much until I get a blood workup next month.

So begins my newest adventure towards weight loss and better health. I think the difference is, this time I have professional help, and he believes I can accomplish my goals. One of those goals being quality of life, not just more years. I consider myself a beautiful woman “as is”. But the potential to be even more beautiful (with weight loss) via lifestyle change is within my grasp, finally. I WANT IT!

This is my story and I’m sticking to it! I can do this. I will be using my blog to journal the journey, and I hope you’ll join in and encourage me, hold me to task, and don’t let me use excuses for any temporary failures I might encounter. I’m sure there will be some. But I will not be discouraged or swayed. I will not let it be “too late”!

Thanks for stopping by! Blessings, Tamara ~

Made to Crave: Learning to Shop Anew at the End of Week #1 ~


Garden Peas 7-14-13

First peas from our garden. Delish!

I started on Monday, and here it is Saturday.  Week #1, though it had its moments, was relatively easy and I prayed myself through the rough times like when the hunger pangs got a little intense two hours before lunch.  It works well for me.

I have received plenty of eating healthier advice from everyone I love this week.  I got hints on some … “unusual” to me foods to try, and I want to try them all.  I’ve been to nutritionists (PLURAL) in the past, and my brain knows what to eat and what not to eat, it’s just putting that into practice that’s hard for me.  I would say to myself, “Self, this McD’s mocha frappe is a lot of calories.  But you can cut back by eating just lettuce at lunch and it’ll all be good.”  I have not eaten fast food all week!  A huge accomplishment for me!  Much like when I stopped drinking anything carbonated.  And, THIS TIME, it was not that hard!

But kale?  Al and I went and did some “preliminary” shopping the other night at our local Price Chopper, which has been good to us.  I knew some staples that I wanted to purchase:  tomatoes, blueberries, bananas, broccoli florets, green/red peppers.  The grocery store, being 8:30 on a Wednesday night, was relatively empty and easily navigated.  So, in the produce aisle, I sought out the kale that my niece enthusiastically uses in a type of smoothie along with flax seed and other delights.  Once found, I tore a tiny piece off to test taste.  Ewwwww!  Very bitter.  (She later confirmed it should be BABY kale!  LOL!)  We moved on.  Almond milk?  I was looking forward to trying this, as I adore almonds.  I compared calories:  Almond milk has 70 less calories per serving than cow’s milk.  Optimistic!  Price?  More than twice the price of cow’s milk.  Couldn’t justify that.  Besides, I only “drink” about 1 1/2 cups of ANY milk on any given day ~ and I have it with my cereal.  Otherwise, I do not have milk.  Compromise.

We ended up with 2 1/2 bags of groceries for $64.00.  I usually spend $64.00 for an entire week’s worth of groceries in six bags!  Only $6.34 of that was very lean, healthy meat.  Okay, I bought batteries for my camera ($5.99).  The rest was healthy fresh fruit and veggies.  I need a new strategy for shopping cheaper.

My eating healthier has been pretty much a success.  I’ve made a couple of oopses, but who doesn’t?  God forgives, and I get right back on the wagon for Him and for me!  I ate salads each day for lunch, and a couple nights for dinner.  Last night I ate a hot dog (no bread) and a cup of beans… then Al took us out for an ice cream cone for dessert.  I do not feel guilty.  It was a special treat, not to be done every night.

Just for fun, I got on the scale last night.  Now, I do know better than to weigh every day, or even every week ~ as if you don’t see progress, you’re bound to get depressed and perhaps backslide.  Well, my progress was TWO LBS. lost.  And, yes, I know it may falter and go up and down for awhile before I start to see some serious loss.  I’m doing fine… God’s on my side.

Until next time, thanks for helping keep me strong and headed towards my goals.  I’d love to hear from you, please feel free to leave feedback below or on my Facebook.  

TTFN ~ Tamara Eckstadt (two lbs lighter!  LOL!)