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Lake George, NY ~

It was only about 2 hours from the ferry at Port Kent down the Northway Route 87 to Warrensburg.  By far the easiest part of our trip.  Warrensburg, where our B & B was located, was only about 6 miles from the tourist town of Lake George, New York.  Far enough that it was quiet, close enough to be there quickly.

We arrived at the Cornerstone Victorian Bed & Breakfast in Warrensburg in the late afternoon… plenty tired.  Our hosts had left for the day, but left us an envelope with welcoming instructions and an invitation to help ourselves to a special dessert kept in a common-area refrigerator (along with sodas, water etc).  Tonight’s dessert was cheesecake drizzled with raspberry sauce.  I really cannot say enough about this establishment.  I was in awe the moment we walked through the door into the foyer.  This was Victorian, and immaculate, to the absolute hilt.  Our room was like something from the Tudors.  We actually had step stools to get up onto the enormous bed!  Stained glass windows, air conditioning, a jacuzzi tub/shower for two in an enormous bathroom with heated tiled floors.  Satellite t.v. – not cable – but over 1,000 channels of the most mundane crap to watch!  We did not indulge much there.  The next morning we would find out that our five-course, candlelit breakfast was incredible gourmet food made from scratch by our hostess.  Served on fine china plates, we were offered course after course.  Orange juice was poured into crystal glasses and our silverware was real silver and very ornate.  We were to be very spoiled here, indeed.

Thursday mid morning, we decided to drive into Lake George to have a look around.  It was August 15th, and our 15th wedding anniversary.  We had reserved a spot on a romantic dinner cruise for that evening aboard one of the lake’s steam boats, and we wanted to go an explore where we would need to be around 5:30 p.m. that evening.  Lake George was quaint, bustling with tourists and lacking in parking (yet again).  We did manage to find a spot on a side street, and walked around looking to see what, if any, shops we would try to squeeze into.  Many were “biker-type” shops, with cheap tee shirts and gaudy wear.  Some were geared towards kids and teens, but we didn’t really find anything worth the struggle to get through.  I had to stop and sit several times on local benches just to relieve some of the back pain temporarily before we moved on.  We finally did find a decent, large gift/souvenir store and bought a few trinkets to bring home.  After lunch in Warrensburg, it was “quiet time” until it would be time to get ready for the cruise.

Did I mention that Lake George was hosting a “music fest” that very weekend?  Even though it was Thursday, and the events didn’t start till Friday, the atmosphere was manic and the crowds were strong.  When we went for the dinner cruise, we parked across the street from the docks at $10.00 a shot.  The wait for the cruise wasn’t long, and soon we were lined up and boarding smoothly.  I had made our reservations in February, so when we stepped on board, the staff who would seat us were extremely accommodating, nice and treated us like royalty.  Not sure if the early reservation had anything to do with that, but they did not treat others quite as “special”.  We were seated at a table for two, on the very back of the ship right at the huge window so we had perfect views.  We were also behind the singing duo that would be performing music etc for dancing later on.  It was perfect.  We would not be tripping over anyone, nor anyone over us.  It was very roomy.  Our dinner was available immediately upon being seated, and our waiter took a drink order and kept a tab for us.  The buffet was amazing… a variety of salads (finally!), roasted potatoes, chicken marsala, baked fish, roast beef cutting station, rolls and a variety of cooked vegetables.  Dessert would be served later.  We were about done with dinner before the ship ever finished boarding and backing out to leave the dock.  After dessert, we meandered around the four decked ship, taking photos and enjoying the warm breezes off the lake.  Occasionally, the singer/announcer would tell us whose mansion that is along with a smattering of history.  The cruise lasted about 2 hours and took us out around 15 miles and back to dock.  Music and dancing was enjoyable.  The ride was so smooth, even the full glasses of water on our table did not spill a drop.  After the cruise there would be fireworks, but we did not stay as we knew the traffic and crowds would be impassable afterwards.  Back to the Cornerstone B & B for tonight’s dessert:  red velvet cupcakes filled with cream cheese pudding… and the rest of the evening to celebrate our anniversary in private.

Friday morning was our last gourmet breakfast at the Cornerstone.  I did NOT want to leave.  The time at this elegant and beautiful home had been the best part of our entire vacation… even Al agreed.  But we packed up and took one last walk around the grounds, took just a few more pictures, and we checked out and were on our way back home.

Hope you enjoyed my sharing our little vacation with you.  Thanks for stopping by and checking it out.  Look for a recap of how things went “food-wise” in my next Made to Crave post coming soon.

TTFN ~ Tamara Eckstadt

Horsing Around ~

Our neighbors have horses.  They have quite a few horses.  They often get foals from this combination of horses, and they invite us over to view their new creations.  This weekend, the weather was favorable to walk over (the equivalent of a couple of city blocks), camera in hand, and check out their new charges.  (click on a photo to enlarge)

I don’t ever mind having the opportunity to go visit our neighbor’s horses.  I love equines ~ and the chance to photograph them.  As a teenager, I owned  horses and rode them daily (weather permitting).  They are strong, beautiful, intelligent, loving and obedient.  Nothing to be “afraid” of.  I’m looking forward to “horsey season” and all the shows that come to the NYS Fairgrounds Coliseum.  I will be posting more such equine photos in the near future.  I believe the Arabian show is coming up next month… one of my favorites!

Until next time … TTFN ~ Tamara Eckstadt

Share Your World Week 51

This week’s thought-provoking and revealing questions from Cee’s Photography

  1. Your most favorite fiction book?  Has to be “Black Beauty” by Anna Sewell.  I’ve always been a horse lover and this story has always fascinated me.      

    Black Beauty

    Black Beauty

  2. What one thing you miss about being a kid? Carefree summer vacations.  Summers off from school seemed to last forever for me.  I remember laying in the cool grass under our maple trees watching a warm breeze move through the leaves and branches.  We had a small hill in our yard, that seemed big to us as children, and we’d start at the top and roll down over and over until we were dizzy.  Catching fireflies at night and keeping them in a jar and watching them blink until you fall asleep.   

    Fireflies in summer

    Fireflies in summer

  3. If you were an ice cream cone how many scoops and flavors would you be and why?  I’d be chocolate ice cream (a classic) and only a couple of scoops.  Just enough for a “child size” to enjoy, otherwise I might get thrown into the trash if there’s too much left over.  More importantly, I’d like to have one of those “flavored” cones with the flat bottom.  They used to come in chocolate, red and green as well as the “standard” one shown here.   

    Chocolate ice cream cone

    Chocolate ice cream cone

  4. What was one of your first moneymaking jobs (other than babysitting or newspaper delivery)?  I was lucky enough to be at the top of my class in high school as far as the business courses I took.  In my senior year, I was “teacher’s pet” of the business director, so when she was asked to recommend a student for an open part-time position as Receptionist at the school’s district offices, she recommended me and I got the job.  I started working during my lunch hour to cover the full-time Receptionist’s lunch hour, and after school.  Then I went on to substitute for the high school’s secretary over summer vacation (no fireflies THAT summer!) and other various temp positions throughout the school district.  
    Baker High School, Baldwinsville, NY

    Baker High School, Baldwinsville, NY

    Thanks, Cee!