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Reservations ~

This past weekend, Al (my husband) and I had cause to go down to Pennsylvania from Saturday ~ Tuesday for my father-in-law’s funeral etc.  My sister-in-law and mother-in-law have a house in Lake Winola, PA, and we thought we would be staying there during our visit.  Due to circumstances, we were eventually unable to stay there, and had to find other accommodations nearby.  No problem with my Smartphone, I searched hotels/motels in nearby Clarks Summit and found and reserved a room at an Econolodge for Saturday-Sunday-Monday nights.  Or so I thought.

When we finally were able to go to the Econolodge and claim our much-needed/desired sleeping quarters, we were told “no room at the inn” upon arrival.  Apparently there was an error with our online reservation, and the clerk was giving the last room for the night to another occupant as we arrived.  Even though I argued and complained, there was nothing to be done, so we left with the intention of getting whatever accommodations we could muster at 9:00 p.m. on a Saturday night.  Well, after visiting and calling several other local establishments, there were no other accommodations to be had in Clarks Summit.  So I began calling motels/hotels in the next closest town:  Tunkhannock, PA, about 40 miles from Clarks Summit.

After several unsuccessful inquiries, and one that was just plain NOT affordable at $150/night, I hit pay dirt with a place called Shadowbrook Inn and Resort just on the outskirts of Tunkhannock, and affordable.  We booked the room and I told the clerk we were on our way!  Approaching the Inn, we found a Perkins restaurant almost on its doorstep… always a good sign.  By 10:00 p.m. we were moving our baggage from the rental car to Room #106 ~ fortunately it was not on a second floor or anything!  We pretty much crashed and burned that first night.

Sunday morning I took note to survey our accommodations a bit.  It’s a good thing we both have a good sense of humor!  Please keep in mind that the purpose of this post about Shadowbrook is not to disrespect the inn in any way, shape or form.  The room was comfortable enough for our needs, while not being unnecessarily lavish and expensive.  The staff was curteous and the customer service was great ~ very important aspects in my opinion.  But I just had to take some pictures of some of the more humorous, decorative things in our room.  (these photos are unretouched)

But, like I said, I’m really not making fun.  We were doggone happy to have the room that night and the next two!  I’m just musing over some of the finer points of our stay.  All in all, I would absolutely recommend Shadowbrook for affordable, last minute, rrrrrrustic accommodations… especially if you’re a golfer (which we are not).

Until next time, TTFN ~ Tamara

Pennsylvania Adventure ~

Al and Katie (our youngest) and I spent the weekend at my in-laws in Lake Winola, PA (near Clark’s Summit).  It’s always an adventure to visit, and the ride down and back is always scenic.  And, of course, we always stop at Manning’s Dairy for the best ice cream on the whole planet!  And they’re ALWAYS open!

But I can’t go anywhere without my camera anymore.  So I thought I’d share some of my photos from the weekend with you….

A roadside waterfall.

A roadside waterfall.

If you know me well enough by now, you know that I’m a sucker for waterfalls.  We saw many alongside the various roads travelled, but it was hard to get Al to stop.  Of course, the SAFE places to stop and shoot were few and far between!  But I managed to get him to pull off a ways up the road from this one, and I walked back to the guard rail and took this shot.  There was no getting around those stupid trees!

Buckwheat's BBQ

Buckwheat’s BBQ

This was just a silly-looking sign for this REALLY really rural BBQ place.  Everytime we go by it I have to laugh and I think of Little Rascals.  Can’t help it. 

Tunkhannock Viaduct ~ or the Nicholson Bridge

Tunkhannock Viaduct ~ or the Nicholson Bridge

This is an amazing bridge for a train crossing over Tunkhannock Creek.  The bridge is 2,375 feet long and 240 high.  My father-in-law’s father helped to build it prior to 1915.  It’s very formidable-looking when you’re up close.

Tunkhannock Viaduct

Tunkhannock Viaduct

Big Bear!

Big Bear!

This is a carving of a rather large bear that can be seen about 10 miles south of Skaneateles, NY, on Route 41 on the way to Homer (or on the way back).  I’ve been wanting to catch this guy forever!  If you look closely in the background to the left, you can see the white head of a sculpted bald eagle.  There are others along this massive piece of property… along with an alpaca farm.  I don’t have anything in this photo to show the scale of this big fella, but he’s around 15 feet high.

One of the highlights of the weekend (besides seeing family), was going out to dinner Saturday night!  Al’s sister took us to a Catholic church in Tunkhannock for a turkey dinner, and it was the best I’ve ever had!  The church enlisted boy scouts, girl scouts and local school athletic teams to help serve and clean up after everyone.  It was jam-packed!  For only $9.00, you grab your dessert FIRST from several long tables filled to capacity with a myriad of choices, then you go to sit at your table as directed by church volunteers.  The tables are already filled with everything needed for table service etc.  As soon as you sit down, staff brings serving after serving of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravey, corn, rolls, cranberry sauce and it is served “family style”.  They literally wait on you hand and foot!  You want for nothing!  And the food was delicious!  One of the church’s clergy came to personally greet and welcome us.  Wow!   I think we’re going to go back again soon!

Anyway, it was a good time all weekend, and we’re home again.  Time to get unpacked and unwind.  I think there’s a bowl of ice cream with my name on it as I curl up to an episode of “The Good Wife”.

Thanks for looking!  See you again next time.  Till then, TTFN ~ Tamara Eckstadt