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Winter Wandering ~

Today I just didn’t want to stay cooped up in the house, since we’d had all that new snow over the past 24+ hours.  I wanted to take a closer look at things through a lense.  I had some morning shopping to do, so I incorporated that into a long, random drive around a couple of counties to get some interesting photos.

Pin Oak

Pin Oak

My first photo was taken before I even left our driveway this morning while it was still snowing.  We have three lovely pin oak trees in our back yard.  The other two are compliant and lose their leaves in the fall… but this one never seems to want to give up its leaves until the new ones arrive in the spring and start pushing the old, dead ones off the branches.  Not even the windiest, stormiest of days will persuade this tree to let its leaves fall.


Rushing waters in Throop, NY (pronounced ("Troop")

Rushing waters in Throop, NY (pronounced (“Troop”)

I really enjoy photographing water any time of the year, but there’s something about the icy coldness of winter waters that I find hypnotic and intriguing.

Blanket of snow

Blanket of snow

A smaller “offshoot” from the larger creek in Throop.  The soft blanket of snow looked inviting, even if cold.

Ice fishing on Cayuga Lake

Ice fishing on Cayuga Lake

I don’t know what possessed me to drive out to my old “stomping grounds” in Cayuga, New York, except that it’s on the shores of Cayuga Lake, which I knew could hold some interesting photo ops.  Often there are water fowl on the edges of the lake, but today I found some ice fishermen/women camped out on the ice.  Not my idea of a fun time, but who’s to judge?  To the left of this shot I took a photo of several more such “blinds” dotted along the length of the frozen over lake ~ however, that photo was blurry and not useable.  I drove over to nearby Montezuma Wildlife Refuge to see what wildlife I would find there today, but the only thing stirring there was a caretaker who was plowing the driveway… everything else was snowed in.

Beau Vine Chop House

Beau Vine Chop House

Last, but not least, I had to snap this photo as a sort of tongue-in-cheek chuckle and tribute to Auburn, NY.  This is the Beau Vine Chop House at the new Hilton Garden Inn just off State Street in Auburn, NY.   I don’t know if the creators of this establishment just didn’t realize the local hilarity of the name of this place, or what?  Anyway who is familiar with Auburn, NY, located in rural Cayuga County, knows that Auburn is a thriving, albeit small city and the hub of the county ~ which is mostly farm land.  A major source of income and employment in Cayuga County is through dairy farms which provide milk and beef through the cows that are raised there.  Cows = bovine.   So, perhaps it’s actually fitting that the name “Beau Vine” is used for a chop house in the middle of Auburn.  I’m sorry, I just can’t take it seriously.

Till next time … TTFN ~

      Tamara Eckstadt

“Merry Christmas, I’m Pregnant”

Gavin & Liam ponder their new sibling, due in July 2013

Gavin & Liam ponder their new sibling, due in July 2013

You know how you watch “American’s Funniest Home Videos” and they inevitably have the clip(s) where the couple informs their parents (on video, of course) via some unexpected way that they are expecting a baby?  I always thought those clips were so phony and the people involved were actors, or just plain ridiculous.  Well, up until now, that is.

We had Christmas dinner at my eldest daughter’s family’s house, and my son-in-law’s parents also came down from Watertown to join in.  After the nice dinner of ham, potatoes, veggies, breads, olives etc., we all sat down in their livingroom to pass around/open Christmas presents each had gotten for the other.  The first thing received was a Christmas card in a beautiful red envelope, and both “mother’s” were urged to open them and read.  Upon opening mine, I became so enthralled with the OUTSIDE of the pretty card that I handed it off to my husband to share the pretty sentiment BEFORE I read the inside.  I saw that there was “something” loose on the inside of the card, figured it would’ve been a photo of my two gorgeous grandson’s, and waited for my husband to finish perusing the outside of the card before he would hand it back to me and I would admire the photo enclosed.  My husband took the time to look at the photo, AND the inside of the card before handing it back… and I’ll never forget that peculiar look on his face.  Meantime, a commotion started in the livingroom, as my son-in-law’s mom had taken the time to read the entire INSIDE of the card and it began to sink in.  I finally grabbed back the card from my husband and looked at the photo (as seen above).  It didn’t take me only about 3 seconds to realize I was looking at a sonogram!  This was something my husband had never seen, so he didn’t know what to make of the photo when he looked at it.  THEN I read the inside of the card and it became all too clear.

For a split second I thought maybe I was being punked.  After all, Kristen’s final words after hours of laboring with Gavin were “never again” in a seething, pained, rasping voice that could only be compared with Darth Vader… and true to her word at the time, Liam was adopted.  And now, could it be?  And then I remembered those silly people on AFV and realized I had just become one of them… without the advantage of being video-taped.  All I remember after that was pandemonium.  At one point, I thought maybe my head had exploded, but I kept checking and it was still intact.  It didn’t FEEL intact. 

 I think it was only about 1-2 months ago I was wistfully telling Al that I wanted to make another baby quilt for someone.  I remember actually searching for someone in my area of friends/acquaintances and even church friends looking for someone to bless with a new baby quilt.  Hallelujah!  Now I have a reason to make a baby quilt… or two or three.  We don’t know whether boy or girl yet, but I can put together something totally appropriate for either in the blink of an eye!  And, once we know for sure that it’s a girl, I can make more… in pink!  Did I say something about a “girl”?  Well, here’s hoping! 

Forgiven & Set Free: 1st Christmas ~

I’ve been giving a lot of thought as to “how far” I need to go in my post-abortion healing.  How long does one grieve?  How long before I’m healed?  Some people feel the need to “celebrate” yearly milestones, but I think for me, I’ve about reached the summit and am prepared to let it go and perhaps in the future “celebrate” and remember in my own personal way.

I have, however, recently purchased an ornament to put on our Christmas tree to commemorate the very first Christmas that I feel allowed to remember him.  It would’ve been this week or next that Kirk would’ve been born, had he been allowed to go to full term.  He would’ve been a Christmas baby.  It’s important to me to have “concrete” items with which to celebrate and remember, and I’m blessed to have been able to find what I consider the “perfect” ornament for our circumstance.

Back side of ornament

Back side of ornament

I found the ornament in an online search and sent for it.  It’s gold with autumn colored beads, and on the center piece on the front is a gold oak leaf embellished with red/orange tones.  On the back side it is engraved (4) lines:Kirk L Thomas, December 1974, Forgiven and, Set Free.

Front of Kirk's commemorative ornament

Front of Kirk’s commemorative ornament

 And with this, I think I’ve gotten the closure I needed to move on from this experience.I still have the red oak tree planted in our front yard this fall that will continue to grow and be strong.  Al put some Christmas garland around the bottom of it ~ kind of like on “A Charlie Brown Christmas” where Linus puts his blanket around the bottom of that sad little Christmas tree that Charlie Brown got.  And with that, I think I can say “Everything is going to be all right” at last.  


To understand where I’m coming from with this, please read Forgiven & Set Free from the start.  


If you’d like to visit the website where I got this amazing ornament, go to KyleDesigns.com.  They offer all kinds of beautiful ornaments and other personalized/customized items.  Their customer service was exemplary… I got my order two days prior to when it was expected!


 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!