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Exploring Photography ~

Okay, I’m totally new to photography… at least, putting my photos “out there” for others to admire and/or criticize.  But since I found that I can incorporate my three favorite things ~ quilting, blogging and photography ~ I’m having quite a bit of fun with it.  I don’t have a professional camera, but my Finepix S700 Fuijifilm digital that my husband bought me for Christmas two years ago, does me fine.  I’m just now reading the instructions on advanced photography in the manual.  I never really took an interest before… just “point and shoot” was my motto.

Then I got into this blogging on WordPress.  I’m still working on fine-tuning the insertion of photos and stuff.  Maybe I need to upgrade to the paid version if I’m going to be doing this for awhile.  And someone told me there’s a “WordPress for Dummy’s” out there.  I should’ve expected that.

My “over processed” grey tabby cat, “Doug”. He tolerates me being this close for a photograph … um … never.

I use Ipiccy.com for my touch-ups.  Photoshop is just too complicated and timely for my amateur needs.  Ipiccy takes over where Picnik used to be.  It’s pretty simple, free and can do many enhancements that will make your photos look more professional than they otherwise would.  I am particularly a fan of “vignette”.

Sumi, my Siamese, is not impressed with my wanting to take her photo.

 I took the above photo of my 13 year old Siamese cat, Sumi, then messed with it in iPiccy to make it look like a cross-stitch project.  Sumi has her usual “leave me alone” non-chalant look on her face as she sits on the back of “her chair”.  Again, I used the vignette on her.  I don’t know what it is about that option, maybe just the way it “frames” the photo, but I really like it.  I’m learning about the “Rule of Thirds” ( http://viewsinfinitum.com/2010/02/19/power-of-three/) from Scott Thomas’ Views Infinitum blog, and have been actively trying to incorporate that into my photos.  I admit I’m having a hard time.  I did try the “Rule of Thirds” in my photo of the black horse above… did I hit or  miss?  My camera, I discovered, even has a grid that I can use for just this purpose.  Isn’t modern photography amazing?

I took this during a walk through our woods back before the snow started to fly and the temps were warmer.

I’ve been perusing several other blogs that seem to specialize in photography, and they all are fascinating.  Many with exceptional photos that leave me wondering “How do they DO that?” !  It is these photo-blogs that inspire and encourage me.  I get ideas, I get instruction (“Rule of Thirds”) and I am encouraged to put things out there even though I am not a professional, or even an amateur… but barely a beginner, and loving it!  I’m only in it for “the share” and enjoyment, not the competition.  So I hope you enjoy my little contributions to the great, wide expanse of the photography world.


Photographing the Photographer

I’ve known Roger William Thiese for about 8-9 years now.  We met when I worked as the secretary at Baldwinsville Christian Academy, and he was referred by one of the staff there as an awesome (Christian) professional photographer.  As BCA secretary, I contacted Roger about doing the school’s yearly photos, as we weren’t happy with the current company and their less-than-stellar customer service and bland, same-old-pose photographs. 

 That’s how it began.  Roger is continuing to be the school photographer for BCA, and we’ve remained in contact and friends all these years.  So it was a no-brainer when I decided to get family portraits of me and Al this year to put in with our Christmas cards that we would go to Cortland to see Roger.  Not only did I already know that he did exceptional work, but I knew he would put his personal “umph” into it and make everything special, and he did not let me (us) down.

Roger takes a photo of Al on the Bonneville from just outside his prime studio.

 First of all, I went solo about 3 weeks ago to see Roger to have portraits of only myself done to give to Al for Christmas.  After the session, we sat in front of this gorgeous wide-screen t.v. and Roger displayed the photos and we “photoshopped” them right there together.  Roger is a master with the photography programs he uses to make adjustments.  In a matter of moments, we had the prime photos picked, fixed, cropped, adjusted and ordered.  There were tough decisions to be made, as ALL of the photos were awesome!  But I think I got the best of the best.

 That’s when I decided to have the family portraits done.  Roger’s loft studio is perfect for bringing Al’s motorcycle, and we even brought Jammer, our Golden Retriever for this family event.  We trucked the 1967 Triumph Bonneville down, took changes of clothes, loaded the dog in the back seat and off we went ~ it’s about 45 miles from our house.

Trucking the 1967 Triumph Bonneville to Cortland.

 Roger, as accommodating as ever, even helped offload the motorcycle from the truck when we got there, and wheel it into the incredible industrial building to the old freight elevator for the ride up to the third floor studio.  The studio, inside an old, huge, brick manufacturing building that has been repurposed, is filled with interesting props, back drops, equipment, and photos on the walls everywhere.  Roger also has books containing his photography talents that you can look through.

 You can expect to spend at least 1 ½-2 hours, depending on how many people are being photographed with you.  Al and I were there 2 ½ hours, and received exceptional, personalized customer service by this photography professional.  Our newest crop of photos will be ready for us in two weeks or less.  The best part?  Al liked the experience!

One of the poses of myself from our first shoot.