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Smile for Awhile ~

I’ve been thinking of ways to incorporate my family into my blog, and finally found an ideal way.  I’ve taken some of my favorite photos and captured just their smiles.  The incredible beauty that is found in one’s smile is enough to bring joy into your heart.

My grandson, Braden’s, cherub-like smile is precious!

I especially adore my grandchildren’s smiles.

Gavin’s smile is more knowing, maybe mischievous, as a 10 year old.

Four year old granddaughter, Aubree’s, smile is infectious.

Carefree and daring is 4 year old “Bree”.

My little “eskimo” grandson, Austin, lives in Wasilla, Alaska, and I don’t get to see his smile in person nearly enough!

Austin looks like he’d much rather be playing baseball than sitting still for a photo op!

Nieces Michelle (below left) and Lisa (below right) have that genuine smile of their mother, and both just as beautiful. 


Although I have several more grandchildren to share, as well as children and sibling smiles,  I’ll have to save those for another time, another smile.