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Waterfall Wanderlust ~


Not sure why, of late I’ve turned my photographic attentions to water ~ particularly waterfalls or swift-moving water.  My fascination with this subject matter only lasts through the Winter months, then it’s on to something more colorful & stimulating in the Spring and Summer.  Until then, I have been dragging my good-sport-of-a-husband around with me on waterfall-hunting weekends (such as this morning).  Fortunately, he indulges me willingly and with good cheer.

Today’s romp netted me approximately 85-90 photos at (4) different falls locations within 25 miles of my home.  The furthest away was Marcellus Falls, in Marcellus, NY.

Marcellus Falls, Marcellus NY

Marcellus Falls, Marcellus NY


There were several different spots in which I was able to get photos, but this seemed to be the most “active”.

Next we decided to take a turn back and head closer to home, so we headed for the Skaneateles Falls area between Skaneateles, NY and Jordan/Elbridge, NY. 

"Bean Chute" in Skaneateles Creek, Skaneateles Falls, NY

“Bean Chute” in Skaneateles Creek, Skaneateles Falls, NY


Closeup of "Bean Chute" in Skaneateles Creek, Skaneateles Falls, NY

Closeup of “Bean Chute” in Skaneateles Creek, Skaneateles Falls, NY


The two pictures above are of what is locally known as a “bean chute” ~ thought to be in Skaneateles Creek.  It is very secluded, off the beaten path, and known mostly to locals within a 10-15 miles radius of the location.  You have to drive up a particular dead end street, and when you get to the end, you must park and go in by foot for about a half mile through woods, open field and more woods that enclose the creek.  It’s a favorite local “swimming hole” and is very popular in the summer.  Al and I have visited and taken our kids many times some years ago.  The entire “creek” is encased with cement, so when you start at the top, you can slide all the way down and over the various falls to the very bottom where a 36′ pool awaits your splash.  It’s like a giant cement water slide!  With trees on either side, it’s shaded yet still very warm/refreshing in the summer.  I have a photo (somehwere) of me and my youngest daughter, Katie, sitting in these very falls letting the water splash over us as we laugh.  Al and I would take our chaise lounge chairs and sit them at the bottom in the pool and relax while Brian & Katie slid down the chute.  Lots of good memories here!

Skaneateles Creek in Skaneateles Falls, NY

Skaneateles Creek in Skaneateles Falls, NY


Above, one more photo of Skaneateles Creek in Skaneateles Falls, NY.  This, of course, is a different area of the creek than the bean chute.  Skaneateles Creek runs for miles and miles, winding and curving all over.  Lots of opportunities for some awesome water photos abound.

Till next time, thanks for looking.  TTFN ~   Tamara Eckstadt