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The Blessings of a Featherbed ~


For those of you who do not know what it is like to live with pain, sometimes unbearable pain, 24/7, you may not appreciate what I’m saying here.  But I am so excited that I just had to share it!

Yes, I’m “one of those people” who have the handicap of living in pain all of the time.  Yes, it is a handicap.  Never thought I’d think of it in that way, but believe me, when you’re living it, there’s no other way to think of it.  It can direct your life.  I don’t have a wheelchair, I don’t have an artificial limb, I’m not blind and I don’t wear a cast… so you can’t SEE my handicap by looking at me.

I have an L5, T5, T6 & T7 herniated discs in my back.  Since 1988-1989 I’ve been dealing with on-again/off-again pain until the late 90’s when it became full time on-again.  I’ve run the gamut of chiropractors, pain specialists, orthopedic specialists, physical therapy and medications.  I have been medicated since 1991.  The list of prescription and OTC meds I’ve tried is too long to list… every type, color, size, shape, dosage, co-pay imaginable.  Surgery is not an option on this particular location.  My latest “thing”, besides continuing medication, is an ultrasound guided epidural cortisone interlaminar block, given in quarterly injections under mild sedation.  Most of the time they help take the edge off, but never completely alleviate the pain.  So, I continue to also keep getting my medications “adjusted” trying to find the best combination for relief.

The worst for me is bed time.  Laying down and trying to go to sleep is an absolute nightmare for which, oftentimes, I end up taking a double dose of meds and crying myself to sleep.  The pain of laying down is ferocious!  Like Satan is stabbing me in the back with an 11″ dagger over and over.  If it begins to subside, it begins anew each time I shift or move to a new position… all night.  Only a very few times have I ever gotten full relief from this hell on earth, and that was whenever we’ve stayed in a hotel or a B & B that has a featherbed “topper” on their accommodations.  Recently, for Valentine’s Day, we spent the weekend at a local Inn and they had just such a featherbed topper.  It wasn’t until we actually checked out and went on about our way that I actually realized that I’d slept comfortably and gotten up without pain!  WITHOUT pain!  Husband and I finally began to put some pieces together and decided it was either a new mattress and/or a featherbed topper for us in our near future!

Well, to make a long story short, we got the featherbed topper online through Amazon, and it was delivered yesterday.  We opened it up, fluffed it on top of our mattress (covered it with a sheet as we don’t yet have a “cover” for it), and last night was pure unmedicated heaven!  I was able to lay down and, instead of the excruciating pain of my back adjusting to the bed, it was immediate relief!  I could roll onto my side – EITHER ONE – and not whimper and feel that stabbing in my back that I’d become accustomed to.  When I woke up this morning, there was no pain!  None!  I could even stretch, for the first time in years, without wincing.  I could sit up without a struggle and stand up without assistance of some sort for the first time in decades.  And, I was still unmedicated!

Now, I don’t know the “ifs” “whys” and “wherefores” of this miracle in my life, but that 5″ featherbed topper is the best blessing I’ve had … I can’t even tell you!  I don’t know how or why it works for me, but it does.  Such a simple solution for a comfortable sleep!  I do still have constant pain during the day, but it’s much more manageable (most of the time) if I’m careful and conscious about my movements.  But the REASON I’m sharing this is to share my unadulterated JOY this morning, not to focus on the unseen handicap of constant pain.  I felt so good I had to restrain myself from dancing in my livingroom this morning!  But, I digress!

How did YOU sleep last night?

Thanks for stopping by and reading my post.  Hope to see you again soon.  TTFN ~ Tamara Eckstadt