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Made to Crave: Plateau ~

I think I might have reached a “plateau” with my weight loss, but I’m not discouraged.  Not at all!  I have lost 18 lbs, and have been stuck there for about a week now.  But I haven’t “really” begun exercising yet.  Believe it or not, it’s because I didn’t have any viable sneakers!  So I went shopping at WalMart this morning with just that in mind, secure some sneakers with which to get on my treadmill!  I was successful in finding a nice pair of Dr. Scholl’s black sneakers in size 7 1/2, I also found some decent shoes for work at half price.

For some unknown reason, as I walked through the aisles, the next one I came to was workout clothing for women.  I started to bypass it, knowing that anything other than shoes or socks at WalMart doesn’t come in my size… yet.  It has been a bitter pill to swallow knowing that I could only get clothing in my size from online specialty shops, or Catherine’s plus size at Great Northern.  But I’d come to accept it and learned to just pay the much higher prices for the more fabric it took to make clothing to fit my ample body.

But, what the heck?  I was feeling lucky, so I bought a package of three workout bra/tops, and some capris in the biggest sizes they had, knowing I would go home, try them on and return them the next time I was near a WalMart.  After lunch, I decided it’s time to give that treadmill a workout, so I pulled my new exercise wear from their WalMart bags and prepared to be disappointed, yet again.  I had already picked out an old oversized tee shirt and some baggy sweat pants that I had used for gardening as my substitutes for the outfit that would surely not fit.  Slowly, I slipped on the stretchy capris.  What?  What’s this?  They went out without incident!  Indeed, they are not only comfortable, but LOOSE!  I thought I was in last night’s episode of Twilight Zone!  N-I-C-E!  But surely I would not have the same experience with the top.  They are notoriously tight around the chest.  Cautiously I began to slip one on that matched the capris, being careful not to rip or tear the threads or fabric of the item I would have to return.  No WAY!  It fit TOO!  And comfortably!  NO TIGHTNESS ANYWHERE!  I am, perhaps for the first time EVER, comfortable in workout clothes!  AND excited to get to work on the treadmill!

My bottle of water and my MP3 player await!  Thanks for stopping in!  Until next time,  TTFN!

Tamara Eckstadt